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Lord Pyre January 17th, 2020 03:56 PM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
Heard of that one! Thought it looked fun, just trying not to buy much more right now. I love saying it's name though. :p

IAmBatman January 17th, 2020 04:47 PM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
Yeah, I need to learn Spirit Island and Viticulture and relearn Scythe in order to justify all my recent presents/purchases. :-P

chas July 17th, 2020 08:36 PM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
I've just made only the second re-buy I've ever done. The first one turned out to be a waste of time; I never did play the game again. But this time I wanted to play Princes of the Renaissance by Martin Wallace. Way back in 2004 I owned and played the original Warfrog edition once. I wasn't much into Euros at the time, nor were my pals.

These days I am, and always thought it was an intruguing design on a period that is still little covered, if you don't count trading games. It turns out that it was redone via Kickstarter in 2014 by Mercury Games, and is available from Amazon. And the Expansion Bundle, representing the old Kickstarter stretch goals, is also available, from the Boardgamegeek Store.

So I've just spent a lot of time relearning the game and checking out boardgamegeek for player aides and etc. I've ordered the expansion and it should be here in a week. My current game pals are also more into this type of game. I'm looking forward to getting together for it when the Pandemic allows.

chas July 23rd, 2020 09:12 AM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
I'm currently backing an unprecedented (for me) six Kickstarters, and about to back a seventh! I've only backed about 12 in all previously. They are:

Rurik: Dawn of Kiev Stone and Blade Expansion (to be Kickstarted in August)
Commands & Colors Tricorne: Jacobite Rising (August?)
Titans (December?)
The Great Wall (December?)
Empire of the Stars (December?)
Ankh: Gods of Egypt (May 2021)
Hellenica:Story of Greece Leaders & Legends Expansion and game mat (Sept. 2021)

chas August 29th, 2020 08:23 AM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
Just ordered a copy of the much delayed but now supposedly ready for production soon The Russian Campaign, (formerly Jetco/Avalon Hill back in 1974, now Comsimworld/GMT). This was one of the best of the old hex and chit games, and is reappearing in its Deluxe Fifth Edition, which tells you something. I only played a half of someone else's copy back in the day, but still remember how much fun it was. The design is rated 8.0 on Board Game Geek.

Though those old games are all gone now, and I don't play the type any longer, a pal had recently sent photos of a Hungarian gamer's shelves. He was selling most of his games off, and not seeing anything else among the old games pictured, I thought I'd see about TRC. But by then it had been sold--an original First Edition copy. So the next day I saw GMT in their montlhy update had it on their current P500 list, decided it was Fate, and went ahead to order it.

After all, how often do you wait that many years to finish a game? Since I was playing the Soviets and it was my first play, I got creamed in the first half when the Germans go nuts at the start of Operation Barbarossa in 1941, and never got to play the later campaign, when they make their comeback.

You can see it on BGG. The new version has six scenarios and a long campaign game. Being an old wargame, each takes about two hours supposedly, with the long game clocking in around six hours or so. But some games are worth it--nostalgia, a good game, and the Pandemic--perfect together for an at home solitaire. And both of my visiting pals says they'll try it out too.

chas September 22nd, 2020 06:50 AM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
While playing Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare, a pal and I tried out the BGG fan made Pacifica Campaign, which recreates in space the four WWII major carrier battles in the Pacific theater, where my Dad served. Doing research on this I discovered Fires of Midway (2010; Clash of Arms), which I've now ordered at The Compleat Strategist, the famous FLGS here in NYC, named after a book on strategy which was famous when the store opened back in the Seventies. Back then I attended their opening wine and cheese party. So I still like to give them some business.

The Midway game has cards instead of a board, although it is not a 'card game' in the standard sense. It got great reviews and a pal likes it, so I went for it. It should be in in a week or so.

Other recent things I picked up are Princes of the Renaissance (Martin Wallace, redone) with its KS extras from the Board Game Geek Store, and the expansion to Merchants and Marauders (Seas of Glory). I've preordered other expansions: Leaders and Legends for Hellenica: Story of Greece along with the first game mat I've every purchased for that game, and Rurk: Stone and Blade, for Rurik: Dawn of Kiev. The designer of Hellenica is now working on Spring & Autumn: The Story of China. I'm very interested, as there is still no other dudes on a map 4x type of thing on China at all! Two Euros I have on that nation are Three Kingdoms Redux, probably the best three player Euro ever made, and Emperor's Choice, another fun Euro.

I also have Risk Europe, which is great fun, and hardly Risk at all. Another Risk variant is Spheres of Influence, which the independent designer is holding off on. He wants to do a Kickstarter, but is waiting now to evaluate our new Pandemic economic background!

Just got Commands & Colors Tricorne: Jacobite Rising (Compass Games). This relatively expensive design on a rather obscure topic turns out to be a wonderful addition to the C&C series; you can see my many threads on it on its BGG forum, including a session report on each of the 15 scenarios; I've done over half of them so far.

Other things on the Game Event Horizon include more Commands &Colors: Samurai Battles, Naapoleonics Le Grand Battles, Early Ancients/Chariot Warfare, Seven Years War, an unnamed Tricorne expansion, and a Great War expansion.

Also coming Ankh: Gods of Egypt by Eric M. Lang. He has now stepped down as CMONs Head of Game Development, to go freelance again, but with a number of CMON designs to be published. He is now calling his Myth Trilogy, all of which I have or on order, the "Myth Collection," and has announced a sequel to its first title, Blood Rage.

I stopped playing the old style hex and counter wargames a long time ago, but have ordered one old classic I never owned and never played more than once, which was one of the best of them, being first published by its designer and then taken up by Avalon Hill: The Russian Campaign. I played the Russians, and since the Germans go wild at first, never got my revenge on them later in WWII!

DECEMBER should be amazing game wise this year, as I have three huge Kickstarters due then, if the dam don't bust (the Three Gorges Dam in China, that is).

The Great Wall (Awakened Realms) This will be my first design by this increasingly popular company; I have played three of their older games a pal owns.

Empire of the Stars (Crosscut Games) A Kickstarter only product, its a redo of designer Adam West (no, he's not Batman) Galactic Emperor, which I have and enjoy. It used to known as "Twilight Imperium Light."

Titans (Go On Board) This is a light wargame with a few fantasy elements, about the 17th Century East European Polish Lithuanian Commonwealth. There's a very long wikipedia article on it if you have never heard of it. I've read, seen a Russian/Polish DVD TV series on, and played a miniatures game of, With Fire and Sword, the Polish national epic, and adventure novel set in these obscure (to us) times. The other nations are Russia, Sweden, Turkey, and the Holy Roman Empire (aka Hapsburg Austria).

You can look up any of these on Kickstarter or BGG, I think all are still available for Preorder! Have fun.

TREX October 6th, 2020 03:50 PM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
I ordered zombicide invader and zombicide dark side along with the 3d doors pack on amazon a few days ago. Darkside was only 67 bucks and invader 78 and the doors on sale for 11. Im super impressed at the quality of the minis. Cmon does well in this area. Back when it was on kickstarter I wanted to go all in but couldnt at the time. I love zombicide games and the differences this one offers. Also plan on making scape customs out of all my board games for my legionscape variant Ill be posting.

chas October 7th, 2020 08:13 AM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
The Fires of Midway is here. I met a pal at The Compleat Strategist in Manhattan to pick it up. I do like to support my local FLGS, at least once in a while. Then we had some great Korean BBQ, in my third and rare Pandemic eating outside at a restaurant experience here in NYC.

I also got sleeves for the 200 regular sized cards. A pal is going to try and get me oversized ones for the 18 Carriers. It is complete and looks great.

Figure October 11th, 2020 02:48 PM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
Just pulled the trigger on backing Cascadia , I am quite excited for a PNW wildlife game, it's going to look great on the shelf next to Wingspan :) .

Taeblewalker February 11th, 2021 03:48 PM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
Sleeping Gods came in the mail today! :woot:

chas March 5th, 2021 12:32 PM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
The big Kickstarters I mentioned upthread have all been delayed, but will start coming in April about once per month. Commands and Colors Samurai Battles, the first ever C&C redo with blocks from GMT, is in the mail now.

chas April 6th, 2021 09:59 AM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
C&CSB is great, it just arrived and I'm on my 14th scenario (of 40). I'm playtesting Spring and Autumn: Story of China with the designer online; and it looks like a winner. The games I noted upthread are now about to be coming in, and just in time I've all vaccinated and having people over for live one on one games for the first time since the Third Wave hit! Next I'll want to have a group game here, which I haven't done for a year, and then I'll be back to normal, just in time for all the new arrivals. Much delayed, they will all be bailing in over the next few months! Hooray!

Also played Sleeping Gods with Taeblewalker when he came for his first visit in quite a while. The NYCG4 will hopefully resume Scaping late this month or next--there are 20 new C3V characters for us to try out which have been posted since the Pandemic began (see our group thread in General Discussion for the list, by clicking on my signature line below.

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