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chas January 16th, 2019 03:49 AM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
A pal got the brand new Kami Sama and has left it over here; I've enjoyed my first few games of it. Its a whimsical Euro where you can choose one of 20 Japanese kami or spirits to play, on a board that rotates each turn, so that you're playing mostly on the quadrant in front of you!

Its by the fairly new small company Kolossal, who is also doing my upcoming giant Kickstarter Mezo. I don't often buy extra bling, but I'm going for the multicolored 3D Mayan pyramids being offered as an add on. Archaeologists have just discovered that the Mayan civilization was much larger than previously thought; putting it up on the scale of the Greek, Egyptian, and Chinese cultures of Ancient times!

My other giant Kickstarter this new year is Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare (Commands & Colors in space) by Richard Borg. A recent update says they're trying to get it shipped here this month, to avoid the month long production shut down all February that accompanies Chinese New Year. So its still on track for availability in March, which is drawing closer now. Hooray! Since the rules are available on the KS, you can see my early commentary on this design here:


Also hopefully coming in March is Seasons of Inis, an expansion for that game by Metagot, who also did some of other favorite myth based games: Cyclades (Greek) and Kemet (Egyptian), for which I have all of the expansions as well. This will add to the Irish mythology game new changing season rules, ports, and an Island, including some new cards. Very much looking forward to this also.

chas February 13th, 2019 07:45 AM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
It looks like on average I'll be getting about a game a month this coming year. Although most of my new buys are being delayed a month--nothing unusual about that--my new purchase and next month's are happily on track.

I just got Galactic Warlords: Battle For Domination, which came out in retail after being Kickstarted (twice) and coming out at the last Essen show. I talk about this on the What Board Game Are You Playing thread, and on BGG. I've done a 2 Player and two Solo Modes this week.

In March one of two huge Kickstarter packages this year is due: Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare. The publisher managed to just get it out of China before the February long New Year shut down over there, and its on its way to its worldwide distribution centers, on schedule for March delivery to us. Its Commands & Colors In Space, and the first "naval" game for the series, of which I already own 8 different games and all of their expansions! Another, Medieval, will be out this year, with a redo of Samurai Battles and the Memoir 44 New Flight Plan expansion. My discussion of the entire series is here:


For April I should be getting Seasons of Inis, This much anticipated expansion should leave a great game essentially the same, but add in rules for the four seasons, an island, ports, and some new cards to allow a fifth player. Looks great.

chas February 16th, 2019 12:13 PM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
Yet another Commands & Colors expansion coming out this year has been only hinted about so far by GMT. It will apparantly be C&C Napoleonics Epic II, since there are so many large Napoleonic Battles not covered yet in the larger version. This will be the first Second Epic set ever published for a C&C game. "Epic" being the two board multiplayer format that allows 2-8 players (1-4 per side).

World of Mythology: King of the Hill I backed this Kickstarter when I snagged an Early Bird, but then it was not funded. Its supposed to be reoffered this winter, but there's been nothing on it so far. They said if they could work it out with KS, they'd offer an Early Bird to former backers. If not, maybe they'll give us something else. They have been tinkering with the game to make it more interesting as well, adding more player options.

chas March 5th, 2019 11:00 AM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
New Developments

I have and am playing and enjoying Galactic Warlords: Battle For Dominion.

Photos are now available for Seasons of Inis.

The rules are now available for Memoir 44: New Flight Plan now announced for this May, here:


Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare is now due out March 30.

chas March 15th, 2019 09:29 AM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
While most of the games I talk about here are new, I'm currently 'reviving' my two Game of Thrones board games:

1. Battles of Westeros Just played this two player tactical game based on Richard Borg's Battle Lore for the first time in years with Taeblewalker. This time around I hope to get to more of the last (and only large) old expansion House Baratheon. Besides the yet unplayed scenarios here, are the three scenario Battle of Blackwater on its preprinted board. And there is an 'Epic' two board setup I could try with multiple players that might also be fun! So these parts of the game will be brand new to me.

2. A Game of Thrones (Second Edition) This multi player strategic game just had a new expansion last summer at GenCon: Mother of Dragons. It allows Daenarys and her Dragons into the game. It also has a new balancing 'vassal' system that allows active players to control neutrals in turn, rather than letting the closest player just scarf it right up. MOD also contains an new Essos map, a House Arryn faction, the Iron Bank, and other neat new features which should make the game more interesting. I only played this one a couple of times back in the day. My old wargamer friends had trouble with its innovative hidden move and combat system, but I like it! And some of my newer gaming pals say they are interested or have played it. The only previous expansions were two extra card decks for a set 6 Player or a tournament type of 4 Player, so in a sense this is the first real expansion for the game. All its missing now is the White Walkers!

Now with the final season of Game of Thrones coming up on TV, its seems timely to offer these games once again. Luckily for us GOT fans, they are starting up a prequel series set thousands of years in the past of the Song of Ice and Fire universe with an all new cast!

chas March 16th, 2019 05:04 AM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
I played a game of Battles of Westeros with Taeblewalker, and got my chops back on the rules. We played the first scenario, and as Lannister I took one of the two victory hexes in this simplest "training/intro" battle--a loss but a good try! TW said he'll try it again. We look forward to another game of it.

For A Game of Thrones, I've got the first small card deck expansion, and the second is now in the mail to me. My FLGS is holding the first substantial expansion, Mother of Dragons, and I'll go pick it up soon. It contains some "fixes" for games with fewer than 6 players (which is probably how I'll be playing it) and either allows for 7-8 Players or more choices of different houses you can play with a smaller player count (minimum 3), while competing to make the NPC houses your active "vassals" who you can use as team mates! Very nice. And the beautiful 'marbled' plastic pieces now include three purple dragons (and the rest of a new faction countermix) for playing House Targaeryn. So while BOW only includes 3 of the 6 "great houses," 8 houses are now included in this game, which also adds pieces for House Arryn, whose character cards are included in the card deck I just ordered. My FLGS didn't have this old card deck any longer; but a poster on BGG send me a link for options, and I picked one. It will be very nice to have it now all complete!

If you want to see what the fuss is all about; here's a link to a positive Drive Thru Review of this brand new expansion, the first in some years,which just came out last August at GenCon from Fantasy Flight:


Since the game was originally by the FFG man himself, Christian T. Petersen, you could consider it the developmental fantasy equivalent of the new Twilight Imperium 4!

chas March 22nd, 2019 07:02 AM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
I've now got Mother of Dragons, for A Game of Thrones (Second Edition). I also acquired Feast For Dragons, the old card deck small expansion, and I already have the other older one A Dance With Dragons. So I'm now 'game complete,' and can use them for the various player counts they allow. Also, MOD uses them in new possible combinations too.

Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare is now down in Florida going through customs, and should be here in a week or two.


I've just met three new players through my many Organized Play threads on boardgamegeek. As usual, if you are in or near NYC, PM me with your regular email, and I'll send you my monthly game invitations list, which includes my contact info and directions to my place here in Brooklyn Heights. I'm playing every Saturday, and some other days as well (its good to be retired). Both of the games mentioned above will be on the April 2019 schedule, to come out next weekend!

chas March 27th, 2019 05:08 AM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
Major GMT Commands & Colors news came out yesterday in their monthly update and reflects this company and others ramping up the production of this game series. This is the first general C&C notice they have ever posted:

"An Overview of What's Coming for Commands & Colors. We get a lot of questions about future games and expansions in the Commands & Colors series. Tony Curtis handles most of the Commands & Colors interactions with designer Richard Borg for us, so I asked Tony if he'd give us an update on what you guys can expect from us on the C&C front in the future. Here's his response:

What else is out there in addition to C&C Medieval and Samurai already on P500?

Next up for P500 (3 months or so) will be the Le Grand Battles expansion for C&C Napoleonics. It will have the two mounted Le Grand Battles maps, two quickstart cardboard maps with units and terrain printed on both sides for Waterloo and another major battle (tba). Also a small number of blocks for minor French and Allied contingents will be included.

Late this year look for the first of the Seven Years War game series. Many of the premier battles were large affairs, so we will start large with two mounted maps to accommodate those battles.

The wheels have not come off the chariots. Next year will see the introduction of an Early Ancients expansion to C&C Ancients.

Assuming the reception for the initial Medieval game is good, stand by for further expansions there as well.


New Dice for Commands & Colors Medieval. We have a surprise for our C&C Medieval players: custom dice at no extra cost! Tony has found us some really nice custom dice for C&C Medieval to replace the planned stickered dice approach we've used in our other C&C games. They are 18mm, rounded corner, and laser printed. So no dice stickering this time! Here's a peek at the custom dice:

(photo of laser printed dice)

If you C&C fans like these dice as much as we anticipate, we'll work on making sets available as limited P500 items for our other C&C games in the near future."

I'll be all in for this stuff!

chas April 3rd, 2019 06:36 AM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
:D Happy April! This morning's Kickstarter Update says that the Red Alert packages will start shipping from Florida's fulfillment center late this week, and begin arriving next week!

Also due this month: Commands & Colors Medieval (Byzantines).

Due In May:

Seasons of Inis

Memoir 44: New Flight Plan

chas April 7th, 2019 12:07 PM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
Red Alert: Space Fleet Warfare arrived yesterday, 3 days ahead of schedule! It beautiful. I'm now mounting 149 spaceships, with two pals coming over later to give it a whirl.

chas July 22nd, 2019 01:13 AM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
Persistence Pays Off!

Whoever heard of discovering and Preordering a Kickstarter, and having the game drop right into your lap two weeks later? It just happened to me on Swords and Sails. I first found out about the game two days ago, after spending hours scanning the entire 250+ BGG Preview List of Upcoming GenCon games by W. Eric Martin. I looked at it and started researching the game after finding it for the very first time, all the way at the end of the list! Egad. I've now Preordered it with all of the original Kickstarter discounts, stretch goals and preferred add-ons, including my first set of beautiful metal coins.

Now its US cargo ship is already about to land, and expected to start shipping August 1. Amazing--am I lucky!

This is a 1-7 player historical 4X game set in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa in 1000 AD. The highly unusual major player factions are The Byzantine Empire, the Fatimad Caliphate, The Kievan Rus, The Holy Roman Empire, France, the North Sea Empire (Vikings United) and England. Wow.

I could tell you more, but you don't have time to read a long post. If you want to jump on this bandwagon, better check out the Kickstarter and do it now!!!

chas July 28th, 2019 07:56 AM

Re: What Board Games Will You Be Purchasing?
Recently purchased and played many times:
Inis: Seasons of Inis expansion

Recently picked up: Battle of Britain, the redo of the non C&C game by Richard Borg

Just received as a prize for the recent Islandscape tournament:
The Resistance: Avalon

New games possibly due in August:

Swords and Sails (see upthread)

Alien Frontiers: Expansions Definitive Edition

Blood Rage (Bits): new old 3D clan board tokens from the new Kickstarter that a pal is backing

Star Trek Ascendancy: Vulcans, Andorrians
(some day)

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