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Soul Shackle June 26th, 2008 07:30 PM

Sports: NFL
First of all, a couple links:


I was kind of surprised to see no thread had ever been started on the NFL, or even football in general. So...

I like my Panthers chances this year. Jake Delhomme has had Tommy John surgery, which is more common in other sports, like pitchers in baseball. He was having a great year before he went down last season. He's recently spoken out, saying that his elbow has been bothering him for years, though us fans never knew. He says since this surgery, he's able to put more strength on his throws and is in no pain compared to what he used to go through everytime he'd release the ball. The receivers have all noticed the change as well, and have spoken accordingly.

We got back Muhsin Muhammad this year, which to any other team may not seem like much, but he was with us the year we made it to the Super Bowl. He's had a tremendous influence on our younger receivers, particularly helping them in the blocking game.

I'm a bit worried about giving up our first round pick next year in this year's draft. It seems we're putting everything into winning NOW. Here's hoping.

I'm an NFL fanatic and go through withdrawls every February-September. So, as I know there are other fans out there, I'll give my division picks:

NFC South
Panthers - Okay, I'm biased, but as I described above, I have many reasons to be hopeful about this season. :D

NFC East
Eagles - The Cowboys or Giants are the easy picks here, but I can't see the Cowboys having another year like last year, and expect T.O. to only keep the peace for so much longer. The Giants are a fickle team. They'll do well, but a healthy McNabb and Asante Samuel on D gives me confidence in this pick.

NFC North
Vikings - Bears are a mess. Packers lost Favre. Lions are the Lions. Well, there's only one left!

NFC West
Seahawks - I still hate this team since the Panthers got slaughtered a few years ago in the Conference Championship, but Hasselback is a winner. Plain and simple. Plus, there's not much competition.

AFC South
Colts - I'll pick them every year till Manning retires.

AFC East
Patriots - My hate for the Seahawks is nothing compared to this. And when a team wins as much as the Pats have, a lot of toes get stepped on. I'm not the only person with a distaste for them and their cheating ways. Man, was that a great Super Bowl. ;) Their division, however, is garbage.

AFC North
Browns - It's finally their time. They'll be neck and neck with the Steelers the whole way, but I'd take Cleveland.

AFC West
Chiefs - Kind of a yucky division these days, but with the draft they had, I'll take a chance on Big Red.

HSisforcoolkids June 26th, 2008 09:39 PM

Re: Sports: NFL
I'm liking the Panthers this year too, and it's not just because I'm a huge fan. I think the team losing Delhomme last year was worth at least a 2 game swing in their final win-loss record (and I think they actually would have won 11 games with him last year). Their defense was solid, and it should be again this year--especially if Julius Peppers can get well (he lost like 25 lbs. throughout the season last season).

Your picks seem well thought out, Shackle. I wouldn't put too much stock in the draft affecting a team's season though. Adrian Peterson's rookie effort was really special, but also super rare. It usually takes about three years for a franchise's draft class to really affect the team.

CaptainCanuck June 26th, 2008 10:08 PM

Re: Sports: NFL
A bit of a homer with the Carolina pick here are my choices

COWBOYS (Way too much talent to not win the division)

Vikings (if there QB situation holds up)

Saints (Last year was a fluke they are a very very talented team)

NFC West
Cardinals (The seahawks are going to be in turmoil because of the holmgren leaving thing and the Cards are next best choice)


BILLS (This pains me because I am a Dolphins fan but the patriots have to many people gunning for them and they are under the microscope and the bills have a lot of things coming together at the right time)

BROWNS (we agree on one)

JAGUARS (This is also my superbowl pick they have just gotten better in the offseason)

CHARGERS (No freakin way the chiefs win the division chargers are way too talented and they could also win the superbowl if the jags don't)


GForce3062 June 26th, 2008 10:08 PM

Re: Sports: NFL
Here are my predictions....

NFC South
Panthers- I don't really pay attention much to this division, and I don't want to upset the creator of this topic.;)

NFC East
Cowboys- As much as I hate to say it (I'm a skins fan), they're the best team in this division. They have way too much talent and IMO, could go all the way to the Super Bowl. The Giants will have an average season because of Eli's inconsistancy(sp?). The Eagles will do great, but not enough to win the division. My Redskins, well, won't do too hot since they have a new coaching staff and everything. They look like a really talented team with Campbell, Cooley, Moss, and Portis on there.

NFC North
Vikings - This division is the only division where neither team has a quarterback! T-Jack for the Vikes, Rodgers for the Packs, Grossman or whichever one of their 5 bad QB's, and (I think) Jon Kitna for the Lions(I don't pay attention to the Lions much cause I never hear about them) The Vikes had a very good defense last year and will have an even better one with Jared Allen on it. They also have one of the best O-Line and the rookie sensation AP. The only bad thing about this team is their QB and WRs.

NFC West
Seahawks - This was easy, since this division is filled with a bunch of mediocre(sp?) teams other than the Seahawks.

AFC South
Colts - It's been this way since forever, but I just can't see the Jags taking this division over the Colts.

AFC East
Patriots - Well, they're the best team in the NFL and have a WORTHLESS division. No brainer here.

AFC North
Steelers- I think they'll battle this division out with the Browns but the Steelers will prevail because of their great D and because of Parker and Ward. Don't get me wrong, the Browns are good, but they have absolutely NO DEFENSE, and Jamal Lewis is getting way too old. The only good thing about this team is DA and Edwards, but those two can't lead this team by themselves.

AFC West
Chargers- Are you kidding me?! You picked the Chiefs to win this division. Sorry, but that is the worst prediction EVER! They're in a rebuilding stage right now, they're only gonna win 5 or 6 games this season. The Chargers on the other hand, are on the hunt for the Super Bowl. Of course there's LT, and with a full season with Chambers, and Gates at TE, they have some weapons on offense. And their D is stacked with Cromartie, Jammer, Merriman, and IMO the most underated LB in the NFL, Shaun Phillips.

Go Redskins!:p

Ty the Awasome June 26th, 2008 10:12 PM

Re: Sports: NFL
I think the Panthers will have a shot this year, but they're going to be fighting with Tampa all season long. But, my green and gold warriors still have a shot to win their division, even without Favre. So, here's my picks.

NFC East
Eagles- Giants aren't consistent enough, Washington just lost their head coach and got a nobody to take his place, and I really hate the Cowboys. So I'll take Samuel and the Eagles.

NFC North
Packers/Vikings- Even without Favre, the young talent in Green Bay still has a shot. I'm not sold on Rodgers yet though. The Vikings are going to be big competitors this year, but Chicago is rotten, and the Lions are going to crash again.

NFC South
Buccaneers/Panthers- I still like Tampa's chances, but the Panthers should compete this year. Reggie Bush isn't helping the Saints at all, and Matt Ryan can't resurrect the Falcons in one year.

NFC West
Seahawks- This'll be Holmgrens' last year there, and with him and Hasselbeck there's no way they'll miss the playoffs. No one else in the division can compete.

AFC East
Patriots- I hate them, but their division sucks.

AFC North
Browns/Steelers- I like the Browns this year (they're helped by the Steelers' schedule), but they've got to go through Pittsburgh first.

AFC West
Chargers- They've still got LT, but Denver and Kansas City could upset them.

AFC South
Jaguars- Jacksonville made some improvements this offseason, and the Colts' loss to the Chargers shook my faith in Manning. I think this will be the best division this year.

Soul Shackle June 26th, 2008 10:33 PM

Re: Sports: NFL

Originally Posted by GForce3062 (Post 599016)
AFC West
Chargers- Are you kidding me?! You picked the Chiefs to win this division. Sorry, but that is the worst prediction EVER!

Well, they play the Panthers week 1, so that's 0-1 for them, and it's just gonna be all downhill from there! :D

Onacara June 26th, 2008 11:37 PM

Re: Sports: NFL
I am also a huge Dolphins fan but dont think we will be good again for a few more years.....but I will still watch every game this season for Jason Taylor....

...and the other 43 bodies on the field


Wytefang June 26th, 2008 11:47 PM

Re: Sports: NFL
I don't have the time at the moment (I'm at Origins) to go over every team but I think that the Vikes will have a great chance to win their division and go pretty far, especially if their QB holds up. Gforce3062 said that both the QB and WRs are a question but with our pick-up of Bernard Berrian and the solid play of Wade and Rice, I think that's not as much of a question. :)

Despite the fact that I am not AT ALL a Packer fan (ugh), I can't help but think that people shouldn't write them off just because Favre is gone. Rodgers looked pretty good in the few minutes he got against Dallas so I think they'll be in good hands, despite the loss of their big star. That being said, I don't think we should lose to them this year but I realize that with the Vikes, anything is possible. LOL

cosmosis June 27th, 2008 02:05 AM

Re: Sports: NFL
Uh, my picks... I usually don't do these kinda things, but hey why not just throw 'em down here and see how many I get right at the end of the regular season?

AFC EAST: Patriots
AFC WEST: Chargers
AFC WILD#1: Bengals
AFC WILD #2: Chiefs
NFC EAST: Cowboys
NFC NORTH: Vikings
NFC SOUTH: Panthers
NFC WEST: Cardinals
NFC WILD#1: Seahawks
NFC WILD #2: Giants

Yeah I picked a few upsets.

GForce3062 June 27th, 2008 10:00 AM

Re: Sports: NFL

Originally Posted by Wytefang (Post 599155)
I can't help but think that people shouldn't write them off just because Favre is gone.

Yeah, I know a lot of people that say the Packers will be nothing without Brett Favre. I mean, they're not completely garbage. They have tons of talent! On offence they have that Grant guy,(forgot his name, but he's the running back) they have Driver and Jennings at WR, and they have a good O-Line. On defence they have 2 really good corners and A.J. Hawk at LB. So really, the only question mark for the Packs is Rodgers. (I still think the Vikings will win this division though)

Kepler June 27th, 2008 10:39 AM

Re: Sports: NFL
Delhomme is a decent QB, but nothing special. And Muhammed is not the same receiver he was in the Superbowl year. The Pathers will be in the hunt but the Saints are going to win it this year. But I am biased as a Saints fan. :D

Soul Shackle June 27th, 2008 10:55 AM

Re: Sports: NFL

Originally Posted by Kepler (Post 599434)
Delhomme is a decent QB, but nothing special. And Muhammed is not the same receiver he was in the Superbowl year. The Pathers will be in the hunt but the Saints are going to win it this year. But I am biased as a Saints fan. :D

Understandable. ;)

Though, I made my points about Delhomme and Muhammad in the first post.

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