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scorpiusx January 1st, 2007 06:48 PM

Soulborg poll
which soulborgs are your favorites? mine is DW 9000, but i dunno about you guys. please post why you voted for who you did. i voted for dw 9000 because of his awesome defense, attack, and range

Su-Bak-Na January 1st, 2007 07:00 PM

Major Q9 (which is also missing from your poll). He has a amazing range at 8 (wich Laglor can modify to 10 easilly) 4 attack is nothing to laugh at. He also has a great defense at 7 with 4 life. His Queglix Gun Special Attack is also very useful.

Is that enough explanation.

Rajaat the Warbringer January 1st, 2007 07:03 PM

I love the snipers, combined with Taelord and height advantage they're BRUTAL.

johnny139 January 1st, 2007 07:05 PM

DW7k. Yeah, he's a big risk, but I'm a gambler when it comes to Heroscape. My dream team is Ne-Gok-Sa, Deadeye, DW7k, Marro Warriors and Morsbane. DW7k gives three emotions to the opposing player; :lol:, :?, and :evil:!

Josef January 1st, 2007 07:18 PM

Omnicron Snipers here. I love 'em i'm a pretty agressive player and I really like strong army's, especially squads, and omnicrons make that happen, plus their not utgar, a.k.a. the worst general ever, haha. Now if only ullar had soulborg.

I played a pretty recent game, I had Omnicrons, Taelord, Theracus, Zettians, and AE. I took the attack glyph with my flyingpony, who at same time was bringing Taelord on to the field with it's hoves, . Then on turn 2 and 3 they completly obliterated the opponent, it worked out pretty good. Well, before Jotun smashed them up, but they took enough of him out for the zettians to bid fairwell.

you guys are really making me want to by multiple commons here, but my wallet gah!!

In fact I don't even have Omnicrons, they were my cousins. :(

scorpiusx January 1st, 2007 07:24 PM

sorry about q9 missing, for some reason it left him out.

Stealth Dodge January 1st, 2007 07:28 PM

I'm sure Q9 would win hands down. I voted for the snipers, a very underated squad

dragonfire January 1st, 2007 07:47 PM

i love dw 8000. His rapid fire abilities rock.

K/H_Addict January 1st, 2007 08:04 PM

Of the one's i'v played, they all suck. I hate soulborgs. I still haven't played deathreavers, deathstalkers, or blastatrons though...

Stealth Dodge January 1st, 2007 08:34 PM

I don't get the dislike for snipers. 7 range and 3 defense is great for a ranged squad and their attack is devastating. Even with 1 die not many squad figures can commonly roll 2 shields

scorpiusx January 1st, 2007 09:38 PM

why doesn't anyone else like dw 9000?

R˙chean January 1st, 2007 10:54 PM

Deathreavers changed the game

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