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mysaviorjc December 30th, 2006 12:12 PM

TN/VA Players
Hello all,
Looking for players in the Tri-Cities TN/VA area. This is home to the Bristol Motor Speedway, fastest 1/2 mile in NASCAR! We currently have 6 players and a large venue available to play casual or tournament any time

We also have a large concentration of stores that sell Heroscape which includes 6 Super Wal Marts (soon to be 7), 4 KMarts (2 BigK, 2 SuperK), a Target (soon to be 2) and a Toys R Us.

Collectively, I have seen Waves 2, 4 and 5; ALL versions of MS except EOV, Flagbearers, Orm's, Lava, RttFF, & Castle.

Have not seen RV or TT. Will trade for these if anyone needs anything local to me.

K/H_Addict December 30th, 2006 12:18 PM

I'm in Richmond, VA and have a group of 7 (including myself) that play regularly. Within 20 minutes of here, there is 4 WM (5 in january) 3 Targets (4th coming soon), 2 Kmarts and a TRU. Seen everything except wave 6 at least once here.

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