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Toogwick_tuk May 29th, 2018 12:17 AM

Toog's Mods and Paints (10/26/2019)
Unpainted Miniatures
Spoiler Alert!

Here's another update, I'm not able to post my progress as much with grad school starting up, but I'll post my progress here when I can.

These were some C3V and SoV stuff I painted up and gave away for the Oregon NHSD event as raffle prizes. They were well received.

Some Reaper miniatures lizardfolk I painted up.

Some Reaper miniatures undead. I really like the Arachno-Assassins (the 6 armed skeletons), they have some fun sculpts and are easy to paint up.

Two dwarves I made from some reaper miniatures chibi figures, they turned out pretty good for a mod. I have 3 more of these that I'm working on changing.

Some test models for my Wrath of Kings set. A nice simple paintjob that can be done quickly.

A figure I went back to edit to fix up the skin/face, not the best, but it's better than where it was at.

A bunch of cultists from wrath of kings and reaper miniatures I painted up. They're pretty easy to paint because of the masks and not having to do faces.

Some more Reaper miniatures that I painted up.

Some nolzur's dwarves I painted up.

A minotaur and a minotaur skeleton.

A vrock I painted up from reaper miniatures next to the prepainted one from Pathfinder battles.

A reaper miniatures Argent dragon I painted up. Lots of drybryshing with silver over black and then washes.

Some Tharn wolf riders I painted up. They're nice and go well with the rest of the Tharn hordes stuff I have.

Spoiler Alert!

Pumpkin_King May 29th, 2018 12:28 AM

Re: Toog's Mods and Paints
Love the Barbarian! She looks like the ones from Diablo.

Toogwick_tuk June 2nd, 2018 01:05 AM

Re: Toog's Mods and Paints

Originally Posted by Pumpkin_King (Post 2195299)
Love the Barbarian! She looks like the ones from Diablo.

Thanks she was one of my favorite figures to paint!

Here's an update with a few more figures that I painted:

This guy is a reaper Avatar of Sokar I've been looking to get this mini for a long time, and I like how he turned out. The base I used is a 38 mm wood base from Michaels which are around like 3-4 bucks for 22 bases and are even cheaper with their coupons.

These guys are Trollbloods from Hordes that I got from a local game store. The store I go to sells used figures for less than retail which can be a good deal, especially when the figures are pre-painted. I got these guys and they all had a basecoat, that was flaking off, but I was able to repair them and paint them up. They all had bits broken off that I had to glue, and for the big guy I had to pin the little troll back on him (as it was a metal figure).

Tornado June 2nd, 2018 09:41 AM

Re: Toog's Mods and Paints
Nice work. I really like the skeletons. They have great expression despite their lack of skin. :)

Toogwick_tuk June 2nd, 2018 11:31 PM

Re: Toog's Mods and Paints

Originally Posted by Tornado (Post 2195824)
Nice work. I really like the skeletons. They have great expression despite their lack of skin. :)

Thanks! I really like the Runewars miniatures for their expressiveness and their relatively simple sculpts when compared to the likes of Warhammer and Warmachine/ Hordes.

This is some of the stuff that I finished this week:

These guys were from the 2nd Reaper learn to paint set I got yesterday (I mostly got it for the paints, as I'm starting to get higher quality paints). These guys were also the first I used a wet palette for, and I can't believe how much easier that it made painting (because it kept my paint from drying out).

This one was a metal reaper mini that I got from a LFGS, and she was pretty fun to paint up.

This guy is a reaper bones mini, and makes for a pretty cool sahuagin cleric or champion.

Another reaper bones mini, this guy is a merrow (in this case an aquatic ogre). I tried to paint him up similarly to some Marsh Trolls that I have (as can be seen in my customs thread).

Toogwick_tuk June 8th, 2018 08:14 PM

Re: Toog's Mods and Paints (6/8/2018)
These are some of the guys that I painted this week:

This guy is Sharkman from Reaper miniatures, he's basically a huge WereShark (Reaper has a large array of strange Lycanthropes that look pretty neat).

This one is the Female Cloud Giant from Reaper miniatures, I wanted to make her have purple skin for some reason. I really like how her club turned out.

This guy is the Red Dragon from the Wrath of Ashardalon D&D Boardgame. I speed-painted him up as a Grey Dragon. He is one of the Largest figures that I've painted yet, but I have much larger ones that are unpainted (the biggest are Dagon, Khanjira (a D&D Terrasque), and Mashaaf (a huge worm monster I want to paint up with a Marro theme).

These two are old metal minis from the Clan War Legend of the Five Rings miniatures line. They make for good monks or townsfolk figures for Heroscape and D&D, respectively.

These guys are also from Clan Wars, and are goofy looking samurai goblins that were just begging to be painted up and made into a heroscape custom.

Toogwick_tuk June 16th, 2018 05:03 PM

Re: Toog's Mods and Paints (6/8/2018)
Here are the figures that I managed to paint this week, I managed to power through 25 different figures, leaving only about 120 that I still need to paint. :D

The most recent guy that I painted is the Fire Giant Jailer from reaper bones, he's the same height as Shurrak and a bit bulkier than the other Reaper Fire Giants that I painted a few months ago. I eventually plan to make some customs for them as I have basic ideas for a faction planned out for a high point giant army.

This guy is another Reaper Bones miniature called Jungle Titan, He looks pretty cool as a monster on a Jungle map.

I finally managed to paint most of my Mars Attacks martians (I still have two flying saucers I need to paint). These guys have sat unpainted for a few years and I liked painting them as a break from fantasy miniatures, I also liked painting them because of their bright color palette.

Astroking112 June 16th, 2018 05:06 PM

Re: Toog's Mods and Paints (6/8/2018)
These look incredible! It makes me wish that I had any ounce of talent when it came to painting, as there are many great minis like these that look even better once painted.

Toogwick_tuk June 16th, 2018 06:12 PM

Re: Toog's Mods and Paints (6/8/2018)
Thanks! Getting to where I'm at with painting took a long time to learn (and time to paint as it's pretty much its own hobby). The first mini I ever painted was C3V's Omegacron because I had a differently colored model and looking back at it, it really doesn't look good. I might have to post a picture of him to show my gradual improvement.

Toogwick_tuk June 24th, 2018 07:27 PM

Re: Toog's Mods and Paints (6/24/2018)
This week I mainly painted some Reaper minis that I bought recently, but was able whittle down the number of figures I need to paint a little bit.

This guy is the newer Fire giant king (the old one would be a large this one is huge sized) by Reaper miniatures. I'm trying to work through a lot of my larger Reaper miniatures which is going well so far.

This guy is a Dragonborn (with some weird name) from reaper miniatures. He's pretty bulky (around medium 6). I tried to highlight the scales individually (usually I would just drybrush) and I think it turned out okay.

This one is a Female Oni from Reaper miniatures who is also around a medium 6 in size. She was pretty fun to paint, I liked the red skin tone ( I tend to use it for most of my Tiefling figures)

These are the Aasimar Clerics from Nolzur's Marvelous Miniatures (the unpainted D&D line) that I painted up as Aquillan Kyrie. These are the only two that I have, but eventually I want to get a couple more for a common squad. A warning about painting these guys, the one on the right has the magic effects glued in which blocks most of the figure. I had to break it and re-glue it to paint the figure, otherwise the angles would be near impossible.

I got 2 more Clanwars miniatures painted. I tried to paint them as Kozuke samurai, and eventually I want to get some Samurai Horsemen to make a squad of Samurai Horsemen with a Kozuke color scheme.

This one is a mummy lich by Reaper Miniatures. The thing that I found most challenging with painting this guy was trying to keep his cloak, sand and skull distinct, but still sandy looking.

This one is another reaper mini called Troll Slayer Sophie. She was pretty fun to paint up as a kyrie. I ended up painting her with a lighter Caucasian skin tone because I wanted to practice that skin tone a bit. I tend to start off with a light brown base color for skin color and then highlight, but This time I used more of a pinkish color as a base coat and worked up from there.

kolakoski June 25th, 2018 02:00 PM

Re: Toog's Mods and Paints (6/24/2018)

Well met, and well done!

Toogwick_tuk July 1st, 2018 09:05 PM

Re: Toog's Mods and Paints (6/24/2018)

Originally Posted by kolakoski (Post 2198510)

Well met, and well done!


This week I was able to make a fair amount of progress on my unpainted minis bringing down my count to 81 unpainted figures.

This guy is a Troll by Reaper miniatures. I painted him up to go with the Marsh Trolls in my Customs thread.

This guy is a Reaper Frost giant that I painted up to match my other frost giants. I really like painting the blueish white skin tone.

This is a Jabberwock from reaper miniatures. This mini tends to have leaning problems, so I had to glue his foot on a rock.

This guy is Golan, Hill Giant by Reaper miniatures. I was able to practice skin tone with the large surface areas, as well as blending in pimples and wounds. The base that I has was sort of messed up so I ended up flocking it and adding some scenery.

These are a set of Tharn Bloodletters by Privateer Press for their Hordes game. I really like some of the Tharn models and their barbaric elf look.

This is a group of 24 Daqan Infantry from the Runewars Miniatures Game from Fantasy Flight Games. In the picture they are still drying after using a black wash to enhance the details in the sculpt. I like to mount medium figures on paint bottles with sticky tack so I can hold them without messing up the paint.

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