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View Poll Results: How do you interpret the word "random" in these situations
Players MUST always roll a dice or shuffle the order markers and without either player looking 7 16.67%
Owner MUST shuffle/rearrange OMs but can look before the player chooses which he/she removes 0 0%
Owner CAN shuffle/rearrange OMs and can look before the player chooses, but is not required 8 19.05%
Owner CAN rearrange OMs but MUST do while looking before the player chooses, but is not required 1 2.38%
Owner CANNOT shuffle/rearrange OMs before the player chooses. OMs must be placed strategically 17 40.48%
Depends on who you play with and mood players are in, but can be decided differently each game 9 21.43%
Voters: 42.

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