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Velenne wears ripped pants of awesomeness Velenne wears ripped pants of awesomeness Velenne wears ripped pants of awesomeness Velenne wears ripped pants of awesomeness Velenne wears ripped pants of awesomeness Velenne wears ripped pants of awesomeness

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Marr Highway - BoV map : Marr Highway - by Velenne a Battlefield of Valhalla Map 1on1 tournament play 1 Rise of the Valkyri April 7th, 2008 2,488
Marr Scar : Marr Scar Clouds of corrosive gas billow from sinkholes of infathomable depth in the heart of the s April 15th, 2008 482
Marr Highway - Mile 451 : In the swamps of Marr, the roads are spotty and fraught with danger. At mile 451, the ground has ope April 15th, 2008 314
Overpasses : Two major thoroughfares converge in what was once a bustling Earth interchange. Its multi-dimensiona April 15th, 2008 418
Border Disorder - Revised : Build Notes: Uses 1 RotV (Master Set), 2 TT (Tundra), and 1 FotA (Castle). After testing and discove April 15th, 2008 448
Border Disorder : At the border to the great tundra lies a gate once held by general Ullar- now abandoned to the inexo April 15th, 2008 321
Blade Glade : Play with one friend or three in this team-friendly swampy map. Build Notes: Uses 1 Rise of the Va April 15th, 2008 753
Husk of the Holdfast : Alyssar Holdfast was long past its time of glory when these armies arrived to pillage its storehouse April 15th, 2008 906
Sonlen's Gambit : "The Archmage's face twisted in frustration and he barked out the order to retreat. If he could lur November 12th, 2008 423
Stardust Fountain : At the heart of Einar's empire lies the sculpted slopes surrounding Stardust Fountain, a wellspring April 15th, 2008 692
Fire and Ice : Navigate a variety of terrain features on this battlefield while you attempt to gain the few advanta April 15th, 2008 353
Swog Bog : Your general had hoped to lead his forces around the heavily-defended bridge in the Forsaken Forest, April 15th, 2008 341
Hunkered and Bunkered : Run for cover and maneuver for vantage points in this tight, instant-action map! Build Notes: Uses April 15th, 2008 450
War in the Core : The core of a Primary Fusion Reactor on Alpha Prime has recently been the target of an enemy attack. April 15th, 2008 373
Black Hole : The remaining armies of Valhalla gather at the nexus of reality as space and time crumble around the April 15th, 2008 328
Black Hole - Variant : (For those of you who like pretty things, this version has continuous spiral arms and the black hole April 15th, 2008 322
Crux Redux : Uses 2 RotV Master Sets, 1 RttFF, and 1 TT This map uses heavy snow and ice rules. Moving onto thes April 21st, 2008 356
Loch Venoc : Designed by Luke C Made for the DFW March '07 Team Tournament. Made with 2 RotV Master Sets, 3 Cas April 21st, 2008 392
Entrails Trevail : Designed for 3-players. Uses 1 Rise of the Valkyrie Master Set, 2 Road to the Forsaken Forest terra April 21st, 2008 383
The Siege of Dulhammer Crag - All Files : This is a compressed zip filed containing all 7 PDF's and the accompanying rulebook for "The Siege o April 21st, 2008 1,145


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Posted March 25th, 2010 at 05:17 PM Comments 3
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_________________________ _______________________

Welcome! This is the final, completed version of the Knights of the Daystorm campaign. This campaign includes:
  • 5 complete scenarios
  • 15 new Treasure Glyphs
  • 4 new Ancient Artifact cards
  • Player's Campaign Status Tracker
  • Rules for both the DM and player(s).
In “Knights of the Daystorm”, one side plays the role of the Knights of the Daystorm, a group of heroes who begin on Earth but eventually hail from various worlds. The other side will play the role of the Dungeon Master, and it’s your job to stop the Knights using the plethora of creatures, traps, and puzzles at your disposal.

There are four element-themed dungeons and one final dungeon called “Sanctuary”. The Knights choose the order in which to complete the elemental dungeons, striving to acquire the Elemental Artifact Key...

Posted July 15th, 2008 at 12:16 PM Comments 8
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In my previous blog, I asked what you thought you could do to improve Heroscape overall. I've since had a few ideas on ways to improve some existing armies which I'll share now. But first, let's agree on what I mean by "armies":

Armies (n) - A group of themed and synergistic units in Heroscape typically but not necessarily belonging to the same Archkyrie General. Ex: Orcs, Knights, Vipers.

Now on with the show...

Cowboys - I'd love it if these guys had an Ulginesh-type figure that would allow you to easily field them. It would be somewhat conditional though, since cowboys don't work together by nature. Probably a d20 roll that let you take a turn with a different cowboy each time you succeeded with it- almost like a frenzy. A squad of cowboys would help too.

Gladiators - These guys could really use some squad lovin'. It's a scary thought given Spartucus' powerful enhancement but why else would he cost so much? I'd love...

Posted June 9th, 2008 at 11:42 AM Comments 0
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Sun Tzu said that, and I think he knows a little more about fighting than you do buddy because he invented it! Then he perfected it so that no man could best him in the ring of honor! Then he used all of his fight money to buy two of every animal, and he herded them onto a boat... and then he beat the crap out of every single one of them! And from that day forward whenever there are a lot of animals together in one place it's called a TZU!

Welcome to TeamFortress. This game consists of 9 classes, each with entirely unique and interesting abilities. In this Heroscape crossover, each class is represented as a Unique Hero. You'll be fielding small teams of these and activating them as squads.

A few of us in the custom forum have created a full working ruleset for the game...

Posted June 6th, 2008 at 05:45 PM Comments 6
Posted in Uncategorized
In the name of sheer narcissism, I've decided to collect some of the ideas I've shared in the various WotC feedback threads and post them here. I actually put some thought into these ideas and sincerely believe they have merit in their own right- not because they're mine or anything. Really!

Tell you what: read the first one and if you don't like it you can dismiss me as being a totally self-absorbed, incompetent loony.

Here's what I would do for the next Master Set:
Originally Posted by Velenne View Post
Yup. I buy them for the terrain mostly. Now that we're 8 waves into this thing and counting, I have so many figures that I feel bad for some of them that collect dust. (Though to be honest, I feel buyer's remorse for purchasing figures I never play.)

For the third master set, I think WotC would positively crush all previous $ale$ numbers if they pulled off a successful modular "Cityscape" model. Imagine several 4-sided buildings with hinges in the corners so you had

Posted May 22nd, 2008 at 12:17 PM Comments 12
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There have been numerous threads discussing the fair play and honesty components of Scape. We all remember the devolution and brain-cell loss associated with the Stinger Denial thread, or the events which lead to the creation of the Dice Rolling Magna Carta.

I originally posted this as a thread in the General section of the forum. Folks had some really brilliant submissions! It is important to note that these rules have nothing to do with actual mechanics of the game itself! Only what goes beyond the hexes. The only other rule was that the party foul has to have actually happened in the submitter's presence. So here they are in no particular order:

Heroscape Party Foul #1: Kicking the table and knocking over everything.

Heroscape Party Foul #2: Taking the book or holder of the unit cards onto the toilet with you in order to select your army. In fact, never mix Heroscape with bodily fluids of any kind.

Heroscape Party Foul #3: Bringing...
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One of the best scenarios...
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