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Chilling Touch rolls all skulls baby! Chilling Touch rolls all skulls baby! Chilling Touch rolls all skulls baby! Chilling Touch rolls all skulls baby! Chilling Touch rolls all skulls baby!

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Posted August 5th, 2010 at 09:58 PM Comments 4
Posted in Uncategorized
Well, I finally decided what to do with my blog. I would like to discuss some favroite movies of mine, and any suggestion's of yours. The movie this week, is Scott Pilgrim Vs. the world.

Now, I know it comes out 8 days from now, but I got to go to a prescreening. It ranked in my top 5 movies of all time list. The best thing about this movie though, is the ending. Its one that makes sense after it ends, but you dont think about your first time through it.

The basic plotline is that Scott, a base player in his band, wants to date a girl. There is an evil leauge of her ex's that want to kill him, and he must defeat them all to win her.

These were a comic before being made a movie, and it shows parts of it in the movie. So I dont ruin it for ya, I wont let any more slip, but if you get the chance, you should see it.

Posted July 18th, 2010 at 09:22 PM Comments 3
Posted in Uncategorized
Well, the initial plan was to analyze some of the going-on's in the Garnet Cave, but I must admit that I was more confused after than when I started. So I decided instead to tell some of my favroite jokes.

Three guys walk up to the gate of heaven. (the three are any three of your friends that happen to be in the room at the moment). Saint Peter says to them that they can enter heaven, but to be careful about the ducks. God is quite particular about his ducks. One day, two of the three see the other one, Joey, chained to a witch, who is poking him with her broomstick. They ask him, Joey, what happend? Joey says, "I accidentily stepped on a duck! I swear I just didnt see it!" The next day Joey (witchless) and the other guy, Charlie, see the third guy, Will, chained to this 900 pound woman, who dosent feel like moving. They ask him, dude, what happend to you? Will says, "dude, I was driving my car, and I hit this duck! I swear I didnt see it!"

Posted July 11th, 2010 at 09:55 AM Comments 3
Posted in Uncategorized
Well, Im a lifeguard, and one of the things we deal with on a daily basis is algae. Most of the time, its just mustard algae, which comes from ducks, and is highly resistant to pool chemicals, but can be dealt with quite easily.

A few days ago, the pool caught a strain of black algae, which is basically a super algie that pops out of nowhere, is hard to kill, enjoy's shadows, and is resistant to almost everything except cold. To deal with it, we had to go underwater and scrub it with heavy duty chlorine blocks.

The thing is, if you miss a spot one day, the next day you come in and there will be 20 spots. It grows at an incredible speed, and moves without actually leaving a trail. This actually happened, and we had to take care of it. The gaurds at our pool nicknamed it "ninja algae".

Today, it clicked. Ninja algae is much similar to none other than...

Spoiler Alert!

I mean, it makes sense right?

Posted July 8th, 2010 at 09:28 PM Comments 4
Posted in Uncategorized
Well, I would like to go to college to get trained to be a pharmacist. As a lifegaurd, Im on the way there. Water has become a large part of my job, and thus I am more concerned then I may have been about the oil spill. A recent talk with a veteran of the Kuwait oil spill has left me with some thoughts that I wanted to share.

Now, there are differences between Kuwait, and the gulf. First, the gulf is in water, and Kuwait was on land. The gulf is 1000 feet deeper than Kuwait. Finally, there is about 15-20 year difference between the two.

Being on land vs water is not much of a difference. Oil still spray's, leaks, and catches flames. The big difference is that the Kuwait oil spilled into desert, not ocean. The depth difference does not affect the fixing op much, except for the pressure diffrence, which makes it much harder for humans to go down and examine the spill.
Finally, the time difference. This is what gets me fired up at BP. There seems...

Posted July 5th, 2010 at 10:50 PM Comments 4
Posted in Uncategorized
Everyone has looked at the D2 new packs, and most have tried to make armies out of them, including me. What I would like to take a look at is how established armies will be affected by several of the newer heroes. I will try to determine differences with Knight armies, the steamroller, Q9, Cyprien armies, Badru armies, Orc armies, Swog armies, Elf armies, and elemental armies.

Iron Golem- First and formost, I beleive this may be a start to the end of the Q9 and Q10 age. With a relativly low point value, he could add to many different armies. His weakness would be swarmed with people with higher attack.
Probable Affects: Decrease in Robot armies. Decrease in Knight armies. Increase in steamroller. Increase in Cyprien armies. Decrease in elf armies. Increase in Badru armies. No change in orc or swog armies. (speculation) Decrease in elemental armies.

Werewolf Lord- This guy answers the long awaited answer to the question "will there be any more darklords?"...
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I'm really psyched to...
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Oh right Ona, I knew...
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This is a good topic....
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Top 5? What have you only seen 6 movies in your whole life? :wink:...
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