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Posted April 23rd, 2008 at 09:56 PM Comments 1
Posted in Other
This was supposed to be as one day, cheapo English assignment, but it became so much more. I started and couldn't stop, here is where I stopped:

As you enter this massive maze of a building, you realize you have entered a gathering place. The masses of people talking amongst themselves create a feeling of peace, maybe joy. Then, a sudden ring silences them all and that feeling is shattered. You see any traces of joy or of hope vanish from the peoples’ eyes. Now you ask, “Is this a place of gathering, or containment?”
As you enter a room, the white walls and dry taste of the air add a sense of monotony, a sense that this day will be no different from the one before and each moment is the same as the last. A smell that is a smell and no smell at all adds no joy to the residents of the building. You enter another room, and another. They are nearly identical. All is the same with the exception of the windows, which only offer a glimpse to the freedom without. As the occupants...

Posted April 17th, 2008 at 04:14 PM Comments 19
Posted in Heroscape , Video Games
It has come to my mind several times that it would be freaking amazing if Heroscape was a video game. Me, being a video game enthusiast, would probably be at the store at 12:00 midnight to get it. This would be amazing because:

You could train against computers
You could test armies
You could make and save boards
You could play via internet connection with other 'scapers
You could download updates when new characters came out

However, there would be some things that would be a problem:

People have to leave mid-game
Viewing the board might be difficult
People might stop buying heroscape figures (not likely) and just use downloads
What system(s)?
Line of sight (How would the computer know)
And obviously, dice rolling won't feel random (at least to me)

But still, I salivate at the thought. It might happen one day...

...some day...

Posted April 14th, 2008 at 10:49 PM Comments 1
Posted in Heroscape
Wow, an army you can use if you have less than 3 hours to play. While I still prefer 1000 points, here are my 500's so far. Read the top of my 1000 point page for how I do things.

Gun and Sword (unused) unrated

Agent Carr
Krav Maga Agents

I just can't get over how awesome Q9 is. This army will be hard to beat. You can never hit the Krav Maga and if you try to melee, Carr will kill you. With ranges all over 7, you have the advantage on bigger boards. Your disadvantage is a lack of figures.

Valiant Humans (only seen) unrated

Sgt. Drake Alexander (RotV)
Sir Gilbert*
Knights of Weston
4th Mass.

A very well rounded army. With Gilbert to speed up the knights and valiance to help th mass, you should be good. Drake should be able to defend his ground against almost anybody.

Shoalin Cowboy (similar army used) unrated

Master Win Chiu Woo*...

Posted April 14th, 2008 at 02:50 PM Comments 2
Posted in Heroscape
This is a collective list of some of the 1000 point armies I have thought of. None of these armies contain more than 3 of any squad (except zombies). We usually play on really big boards with this size army, so consider that when viewing my armies. I give some details on how to use them, but not all the details on how I use them. If I did, people would look at this and use it against me when I play. Those played will be listed as played and some played a lot will be rated out of 10. I will add on as I go. If you do use these, I would love some feedback and rating with reasons.
*indicates an important character

Orcs (played) 9/10
4 Swog Riders**
Arrow Gruts x2
Blade Gruts x3
Heavy Gruts x3

Orcs require big maps. They can hold a bridge or whatever for a long time, but are better in large areas. They are a horde. If your opponent...

Posted April 13th, 2008 at 02:23 PM Comments 6
Posted in Video Games
It has come to my attention that people like to blame problems their children or other children have on video games. So, I will fight this and put the best games ever on this one blog post. If I forget one, just tell me.

Start with the good:
Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Requires thinking skills and solving puzzles, all the while you slay evil shrubs and spiders.

Super Smash Brothers Brawl
You can beat the poo out of your friends, all the while using your favorite character from other games. Multiplayer Compatable.

Star Fox 64
While being retro, it is the best Star Fox game so far. Assualt was close, but this is just too good. Plus the storyline is better. Multi player is a little limited. Multiplayer Compatable

Fire Emblem (all of them)
All of the Fire Emblem games are good. They require a lot of thinking and that is what makes it fun. You really get into it and start to debate about who is...
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