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Downloads [Download UnMarvelous]
File Name: UnMarvelous (119.4 KB) Download
Author: MegaSilver (Uploaded by MegaSilver)
Date Added: April 22nd, 2010
Downloads: 229
Grade: Not Rated
ERRATA: For the shadow tiles on height, move then one level down, along the border of the map, near the height.

ERRATA 2: No flying, leaping, teleporting, or etc. is allowed to reach the glyph through the rock outcrops or through the Ruin. Only by destroying the Ruin opening and entering through there are figures allowed to obtain the gylph.

Optional (Suggested) Rules:
Originally Posted by Killometer
When the Marvel Ruin takes enough Wounds to be broken open, whichever player dealt the last Wound may immediately move one figure they control up to 4 spaces. Any Leaving Engagement Attacks are resolved as normal for the chosen figure.
Originally Posted by rednax's words paraphased
For tourney play, it is suggested to NOT allow figures to occupy the two spaces ontop the Warehouse Ruin.
Uses 1 Marvel and 1 DnD set.

500 point armies.

Check out my Mega Maps for more maps!

Marvel Glyph represents 1+ attack and defense.

Downloads [Download UnMarvelous]


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