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Downloads [Download Flooded Temple II (Revised)]
File Name: Flooded Temple II (Revised) (317.8 KB) Download
Author: 1Mmirg (Uploaded by 1Mmirg)
Date Added: January 6th, 2010
Downloads: 869
Grade: A
The Temple of Shaajad is thought to house an amulet of great power buried amidst its mammoth foundational pillars--all that remains of the
ancient temple today.

Requires one RotV (Master Set 1), one RttFF (Road set), and one FotA (Castle set).

Revised to increase 2-hex units' access to the temple. My overall goal was to create a fair and fun map that uses castle heights without overly penalizing melee. In my experience this plays as a very active and volatile map. I've seen Dwarves beat out Airborne Elite and Orcs win over Glads/Blasts.

I recommend using two strong glyphs or the Wound Glyph and a Brandar to represent my Glyph of Mimicry in order to help balance out the height advantages on this map.

Glyph of Mimicry: This glyph performs exactly like one other chosen glyph on the map field. However, if both this glyph and the other chosen glyph are occupied, both glyphs are negated and neither has any effect (until one is vacated again).
Flooded Temple II (Revised) by 1Mmirg on January 6th, 2010
Downloads [Download Flooded Temple II (Revised)]

Good Pig
July 4th, 2010 at 02:20 PM
Fantastic map. Very well constructed and most importantly fun! Just don't let Q10 get to the top of the temple.

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