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Downloads [Download Expedition to Castle Esenwein]
File Name: Expedition to Castle Esenwein (2.30 MB) Download
Author: wbdhoc (Uploaded by wbdhoc)
Date Added: January 10th, 2010
Downloads: 495
Grade: A
Can you traffic with the restless dead without being counted among their number?

Rumors abound that Cyprien Esenwein amasses fiendish hordes to supplant his potency in Valhalla. The Lord of Annellintia seeks artifacts that will wield incontestable dominance over the undead races of Feylund and afar. Only through trial and mettle can the Miasma of Morindan be lanced from Valhalla. An alliance struck, each general sends forth its most defiant heroes and regiments; their aim to vanquish the monster’s bitter touch before he summons an unstoppable undead battalion.

The quest comes with a sinister prospect; that those who overcome Essenwien and his minions can even gain terrifying powers. But with such unearthly might also comes temptation, even oblivion.

An Expedition to Castle Esenwein provides players with the chance to simulate the gothic adventure campaigns found in Dungeons and Dragons’ Ravenloft; monsters devour bodies and souls; “haunted heroes” fight unspeakable entities while at once facing their inner demons. Most of all, the landscape itself takes the form of its Dark Lord’s twisted mind.
Downloads [Download Expedition to Castle Esenwein]


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