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Downloads [Download 4plyrRidgeViewKY.hsc]
File Name: 4plyrRidgeViewKY.hsc (11.1 KB) Download
Author: NamibianScaper (Uploaded by NamibianScaper)
Date Added: August 12th, 2008
Downloads: 403
Grade: A+
Map requirements:
1 x ROTV, 1 x SotM, 1 x RttFF, 6 wallwalk tiles
Small chance I used some extra sand tiles I have

Real life info:
This map is based on a little lake in a place called Ridge View Kentucky. My in-laws live in Ohio and took our family down there for a few days this summer. The lake is basically the same shape as in the map with a jogging path around it. The sand tiles that stick out into the water represent the docks. The swamp area was actually swamp / wetland at the lake. If the map showed the whole area there would be big hills with cabins/castles around the lake and a lot more trees! It was a great fishing, swimming, and rowboating lake, hence all the glyphs in the water.

Map info:
The map is only roughly symmetrical.
The sand tiles in the midst of the swampwater tiles are kind of hard to see on the pdf so refer to the virtualscape picture.
The yellow starting position (on swamp) has the advantage of starting closer to the road. It can be pushed out further from the road with more tiles and a bigger table. [Edit: I have moved the road closer to the water, making it less like the real lake but more balanced for Heroscape. The picture shows the old version but the hsc file is up to date.]
The barriers between red & orange and blue & yellow are meant to separate the closer players, drive all players into the middle and provide some basic LoS blocking for the start zones.
The glyhs are also meant to drive players into the middle. You can hang back on your high starting zone but you'll be forced to give up all the glyphs to the other players.
The glyphs on low-ground next to high ground are there for two reasons: those were good fishing spots and it makes the unit holding the glyph more vulnerable.
Obviously the road helps melee units to move quickly across the map.
No problem spots for double-based figures.
The lake is a lot bigger than it looks in the picture. It uses all 29 water tiles from one RotV plus the swamp around the edge.

How to play:
Ignore the starting positions and glyph placements as desired!
Remove the barriers between red & orange and blue & yellow for a team game.
You could put a glyph of brandar in the water that unleashes a squad of venoc vipers who either join or attack the player who finds it. Thankfully that did not happen to us.
4plyrRidgeViewKY.hsc by NamibianScaper on August 12th, 2008
Downloads [Download 4plyrRidgeViewKY.hsc]


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