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File Name: 4PlayerXriversOroad (7.3 KB) Download
Author: NamibianScaper (Uploaded by NamibianScaper)
Date Added: July 23rd, 2008
Downloads: 415
Grade: A-
Map requirements:
I used a lot of tiles to make this map. It is thick in places to allow the X rivers to "flow" down.
If you have all the tiles for the top visible layer that is all that matters.

The top layer can be made with:
1 x ROTV
1 x RttFF
6 x wall walk or road tiles

I used:
1 x RotV
1 x RttFF
6 wall walk tiles
1 x SotM
2 x VW (but as you can see there are no VW or SotM tiles intentionally visible so you can use another ROTV, snow tiles, or virtually anything else.)
Some additional 7 hex sand tiles
17 2-hex snow tiles (makes the falling water look like rapids)

You will need clips or sticky tack for a few places where the road "hangs". Just a little sticky tack oon the loose edges will make the road stable.

Map details:
The map is completely symmetrical.
The river divides the map into four quarters for small armies.
The road divides the map into two halves for larger armies.
Lots of interesting places for ranged units.
Road for slow melee units to quickly get across the map.
No real problem spots for double-based figures.
It looks a LOT better built than in the picture.

How to play:
Divide the map into 2-4 sections based on number of players.
Start on the low grass and rock for 2 player games.
Start anywhere behind the rivers except the high rock corners for 4 player games.
Place glyphs facedown around the circular road area.
Optionallly remove the big tree in the middle and the low bridge walls to open it up.
4PlayerXriversOroad by NamibianScaper on July 23rd, 2008
Downloads [Download 4PlayerXriversOroad]


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