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Downloads [Download "X" Marks the Spot 2.0]
File Name: "X" Marks the Spot 2.0 (20.8 KB) Download
Author: Lamaclown (Uploaded by Lamaclown)
Date Added: June 15th, 2009
Downloads: 380
Grade: Not Rated
The land of Edkor has long been rumored to be riddled with buried treasure. It has been discovered that an ancient king of Edkor, King Corazas, distributed 10 maps to 10 of his most trusted advisors. Each map, however, revealed the location of only one of the king's 8 treasure troves. The other 2 maps were decoys that lead to lethal traps. The king's trust went only so far. None of the advisors knew if their map lead to treasure or death. This ensured the safety of the king's riches
Throughout the centuries the maps have been passed from generation to generation. Can you defeat each descendant of those trusted advisors and claim the map he carries? If you do, can you be certain your search won't end in death? Only a curiosity greater than your fear will ever know; or perhaps it may be a case of curiosity killing the cat...

This map is meant to be played by three people, one of which is the Host of the game, the other two shall be designated as Players from now on.

The game lasts for 8-10 rounds (to be decided by the Host). The person who has the most gold at the end of the game wins. The Players accumulate gold by destroying the Host's figures designated as map carriers and digging up the treasure at the location designated by the X on that map. Any gold left unclaimed at the end of the game belongs to the Host.

Download is a Virtual Scape file which has all the rules in the Map Parameters window.

2 TJ

EDIT: Version 2.0 includes army point totals and Order Marker rules for the Host.
"X" Marks the Spot 2.0 by Lamaclown on June 15th, 2009
"X" Marks the Spot 2.0 by Lamaclown on June 15th, 2009
Downloads [Download "X" Marks the Spot 2.0]


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