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Downloads [Download SoCal Slaughter 2018 Glyphs Rules]
File Name: SoCal Slaughter 2018 Glyphs Rules (342.4 KB) Download
Author: Xotli (based on glyph sheet by Nomad) (Uploaded by Xotli)
Date Added: October 25th, 2018
Downloads: 46
Grade: Not Rated
This shows all the glyphs from the pool our 2018 tourney will use. It also contains reminders on the official glyph rules in case players are unfamiliar with them.

Several of the images herin were shamelessly stolen from Nomad's Heroscape Glyphs, so all credit to him. Rules were taken from the BftU rulebook and the Official Heroscape FAQ.

Note that this sheet includes specific modifications for our particular format and may not be useful for general purpose. Specifically, this list:
  • doesn't include all glyphs; only those we're using for the 2018 tourney.
  • states that "all glyphs start symbol-side-up," because that's true for our scenarios.
  • uses the "Brandar's Chest" picture for the "Searing Amulet" glyph, because that's what we're using as a stand-in.
  • uses a placeholder for the number of the trap roll for treasure glyphs, because we plan to vary that for our format.
Everything else should be official.
SoCal Slaughter 2018 Glyphs Rules by Xotli on October 25th, 2018
Downloads [Download SoCal Slaughter 2018 Glyphs Rules]


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