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Downloads [Download YEA THOUGH I WALK.... by Typhon2222]
File Name: YEA THOUGH I WALK.... by Typhon2222 (1.06 MB) Download
Author: Typhon 2222 (Uploaded by Typhon2222)
Date Added: December 19th, 2010
Downloads: 284
Grade: Not Rated
USES: 2 BftU, 1 VW.

GLYPHS: 2 Dagmar (+8 initiative), 2 Valda (+2 movement).

Designed for 1x1 tournament play, with standard 24 starting hexes per player.

Shadowy lowlands, lava heights, and careful line-of-sight blockers make for a melee-friendly map, while the interaction between glyphs and terrain keeps things tactically fluid. There are numerous opportunities for gaining temporary height advantage, but most cannot be permanently occupied. Do you seize and reinforce the peripheral glyphs first, knowing their movement bonus will make navigating the hot terrain easier? Or do you move in force for the central valley floor, trusting in its shadowy defenses and initiative bonuses to give you the tactical edge?
YEA THOUGH I WALK....  by Typhon2222 by Typhon2222 on December 19th, 2010
Downloads [Download YEA THOUGH I WALK.... by Typhon2222]


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