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Downloads [Download HS_Three_Marvelous_Pools_Skylord163]
File Name: HS_Three_Marvelous_Pools_Skylord163 (727.1 KB) Download
Author: Skylord163 (Uploaded by Skylord163)
Date Added: November 29th, 2016
Downloads: 249
Grade: Not Rated
Map Size: 34.97 inches X 23.22 inches
Terrain Requirements: 1 ROTV and 1 Marvel

Normal Glyph Usage: Distribute any five randomly selected Glyphs among the five locations indicated on the battlefield

Variant for Glyph Usage: Place two Glyphs of Brandar and three Glyphs that are not Glyphs of Brandar. Place the Glyphs of Brandar face-up in the outer pools of water at the top and bottom of the battlefield. Among the other three locations indicated on the battlefield, distribute any three randomly selected Glyphs that are not Glyphs of Brandar.

Gylph of Brandar rules: On this battlefield, Glyphs of Brandar affect the elevation of nearby grassy hills. Decrease or increase the elevation of those hills whenever the conditions described below are met:

* When any figure stands on a Glyph of Brandar, decrease the height of two grassy hills by removing grass tiles at the two locations adjacent to the pool of water the Glyph of Brandar is located in until only the grass tiles at Level 1 remain. In other words, remove the grass tiles that are adjacent to that pool at Level 3 and Level 2 of the battlefield.

* Subsequently, when no figure stands on that Glyph of Brandar, increase the height of the nearby grassy hills by placing the grass tiles that were removed at those two adjacent locations back onto the map at those two locations.
HS_Three_Marvelous_Pools_Skylord163 by Skylord163 on November 29th, 2016
Downloads [Download HS_Three_Marvelous_Pools_Skylord163]


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