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File Name: Newbie Trainers (1.01 MB) Download
Author: Skylord163, inspired by Draconious (Uploaded by Skylord163)
Date Added: November 21st, 2016
Downloads: 188
Grade: Not Rated
  • Larger battlefield: 33.22x 17.16 inches.
  • Smaller battlefield: 20.11 x 9.59 inches.
Uses: 1 Rise of the Valkyrie Master Set (ROTV) [Build the larger battlefield for a longer 1-on-1 game. Build the shorter battlefield for a quick 1-on-1 skirmish. Build both battlefields if you want two separate simultaneous battles.]

Variant: For perfect symmetry, replace the Small Ruin with a Large Ruin from a second ROTV set.

  • Every terrain piece from ROTV is used if both battlefields are built.
  • Since ROTV comes with four sets of Order Markers, four players can play two 1-on-1 games simultaneously.
  • The larger battlefield is a recreation of a map called Newbie Trainer by Draconious, which used parts from 2 ROTV. My version uses terrain from only 1 ROTV.
  • My version of Newbie Trainer further evolves the original design by suggesting glyph placement and "storage" for one unused grass tile and one unused water tile on layer #1 of the battlefield.)
  • Finally, I created the smaller battlefield with ROTV pieces that were not used in the larger battlefield.
Comments from Draconious about his original Newbie Trainer map: Small & Simple map. This is my Newbie Trainer Map: Start Zones, glyphs, etc, change based on what I plan on "teaching" them. I usually give one player: Krav, Carr, Syvarris and the other player: Airborne (I start them on the board for the newbie factor), Drake, Raelin.

Draconious' suggested armies from ROTV:
  • Player #1 (300 points, 5 spaces): Krav Maga Agents (3) 100; Agent Carr 100; Syvarris 100
  • Player #2 (300 points, 6 spaces): Airborne Elite (4 spaces) 110; Sgt. Drake Alexander 110; Raelin 80
Sources [gathered by Skylord163]:
Newbie Trainers by Skylord163 on November 21st, 2016
Downloads [Download Newbie Trainers]


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