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File Name: Wasted Swampland (6.2 KB) Download
Author: Dr.Goomonkey (Uploaded by Dr.Goomonkey)
Date Added: May 27th, 2017
Downloads: 126
Grade: Not Rated
Here is my entry for The Uncharted Wellsprings Contest.

The Glyph of Kelda can also be played as the, uh, Glyph of Grasping Tendrils. When you attack a figure adjacent to a jungle plant or palm tree with a normal attack, roll one additional attack die.

As Utgar's power grew, the other generals grew desperate. Einar recalled Utgar mentioning the possibility of a lost wellspring, deep within the Valley of Skulls, near the border of the Valcarren and the Uncharted Swamps in the Ticalla Jungle. In an attempt to form a strong-point in the middle of Utgar's dominion, an expedition was sent out to find this wellspring and claim it for the forces of good in Valhalla. Along with the mighty warriors, marched a little Goomonkey.

Through the desolate Valley of Skulls we marched for what felt like years,
with little more than the occasional Obsidian Guard to deal with. One day,
one of our Venoc scouts (Vaughn) came back with good news, he had found a patch of jungle in the otherwise barren Valley; this life could only mean the magic of the Wellsprings was present.

With newfound enthusiasm we charged on and arrived at the swamp in less than a day. If only we had known what we would find there...
Downloads [Download Wasted Swampland]


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