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Downloads [Download Tournament Rules Summary (editable MS Word version]
File Name: Tournament Rules Summary (editable MS Word version (281.8 KB) Download
Author: Grison (Uploaded by Grison)
Date Added: October 9th, 2020
Downloads: 99
Grade: Not Rated
After a few years lurking, my kids and I have had a resurgence of interest in HeroScape, and I'm planning to host an informal tournament in the coming weeks. Some of the attendees have played a few times before, but many have not, so I wanted to provide a relatively concise rules summary for reference. (Many great player aids already exist thanks to this community, and I borrowed ideas from a bunch of them to create the attached draft.)

My self-imposed limit was one double-sided page, so I prioritized the core rules of moving and attacking, engagement and LOS concepts, terrain effects, and commonly missed/confused rules from various FAQ's. Some of the details are specific to decisions I've made about how this particular tournament will be structured, but most of it should be broadly applicable.

I do *not* expect that folks will learn the game by reading the attached summary. We'll demo and teach the game in person, and also provide an example Army Card with the key information explained. I'm hoping that having a summary will help, however, when I'm running between tables trying to assist folks with questions.
Downloads [Download Tournament Rules Summary (editable MS Word version]


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