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Downloads [Download Bailey Inferno]
File Name: Bailey Inferno (190.3 KB) Download
Author: AliasQTip (Uploaded by AliasQTip)
Date Added: November 10th, 2008
Downloads: 816
Grade: A+
Smoldering ash and a thick cloud of sulfurous gas rise high into the air as what remains of the old bailey dissolves away into a massive lava flow just a few feet below the surface.

Required Sets: Volcarren Wasteland, Road to the Forgotten Forrest, and the Fortress of the Archkyrie.

Footprint: 27" x 12"

MASTER GAME – Watch Your Step (2 players)

At what will surely be the conclusion of a grueling battle, a few remaining warriors take a last stand in the old bailey as it sinks into the molten magma flowing right beneath their feet.

Feedback is always welcome!

For more battlefields, resources, etc. check out my thread: AliasQTip's Exclusive Battlefields.
Bailey Inferno by AliasQTip on November 10th, 2008
Downloads [Download Bailey Inferno]

November 10th, 2008 at 12:46 AM
[FONT=Verdana]This was another small map idea I had that doesn’t require a Master Set. (Although you do need three large expansions!) Great game for a few minutes of ‘Scape with a friend. Lots of surprises and challenges occur when chunks of the board sink away into a molten sea. And, with a total of 400 points to spend on just three heroes you can finally play with some of those big guys that usually sit back and warm the bench. [/FONT]

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