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Download File Date Downloads Comments
Downloads  Popular Vote : The people speak! (24.0 KB) July 18th, 2009 361 0
Downloads  GenCon Promo Final Results : These are the final results for the GenCon promo contest. Beyond the first 6 winners, any that have ... [more] (487.5 KB) July 17th, 2009 534 1
Downloads  Marvel Super Strength and Flight Icons : Icons I created for custom comic cards. In the ZIP are EPS and PNG versions of each. Note that the ... [more] (280.5 KB) July 17th, 2009 534 0
Downloads  Aquilla Blank : This is a high quality, Blank Aquilla Card that can be used for making customs. I am not sure which ... [more] (913.9 KB) May 31st, 2009 1285 0
Downloads  Grendel - TNT Update : Grendel Custom updated for TNT comments/corrections. Updated Fire Line text to match Mimrings 4/25/ ... [more] (748.9 KB) April 24th, 2009 679 2
Downloads  Blank Hexes : Use this PDF file to print off extra Level 0 tiles. The final 8" x 11" page consists of a grid of 2 ... [more] (57.1 KB) April 18th, 2009 1716 1
Downloads  Star Wars Minis for GreyOwl's Customs : A list of Star Wars Miniatures to be used with GreyOwl's Star Wars Custom Heroscape Cards. (27.0 KB) March 30th, 2009 2412 0
Downloads  Flag Stickers : ZIP file containing printable stickers for plastic flags found in generic army men packages; one set ... [more] (258.8 KB) March 14th, 2009 564 1
Downloads  Statue Destructible Object :  (171.9 KB) January 21st, 2009 686 1
Downloads  Heroscape Font Settings : This is a PDF file containing a list of the font sizes and types used on the official cards. I am no ... [more] (115.9 KB) September 1st, 2008 1295 0
Downloads  Mage Knight Figure Catalog : A Catalog of Mage Knight miniatures offered on gaming etc. Perfect for creating custom units. (6.54 MB) April 7th, 2008 6802 6
Downloads  Custom Character Rules : The Mountaingeeks beta tested these rules for creating custom characters. We wanted to have a univer ... [more] (44.5 KB) April 7th, 2008 5521 8
Downloads  HeroScape Base Stickers : This is an 8.5\" x 11\" sheet to be printed on to a full page sticker sheet; or printed on a regular ... [more] (835.3 KB) April 7th, 2008 1669 3
Downloads  Custom Card Template .DOC : This is the custom card template used in my tutorial, found here. ... [more] (35.0 KB) April 7th, 2008 1755 2

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