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Downloads [Download Moisture Vaporator Glyph]
File Name: Moisture Vaporator Glyph (103.1 KB) Download
Author: Fi Skirata (Uploaded by Fi Skirata)
Date Added: August 25th, 2013
Downloads: 221
Grade: Not Rated
The new HoSS glyph is finally here for VirtualScape! Now you can put it in any new HoSS map you create!

Please follow these instructions for the best installation:

1. Unzip the file.

2. Place the two images inside in Images/Personal folder if your VirtualScape file.

3. After starting VirtualScape, click Configuration and then Personal Tiles.

4. The Manage Personal Tiles window will open. Click Add. The
Characteristics window will appear. Use this window to add the new glyph.

5. Use the following to set up the glyph:

Name: Moisture Vaporator
Hex Number: 1
Texture on 3D View: Glyph(Moisture Vaporator)2.bmp
Texture on 3D Side: HoSSGlyphSide.bmp
Charactere on 2D View: MV
Color on 2D View: Purple*

* You can use any color, but purple matches the color used on the glyph and it's card.

- Enjoy!
Edit: Okay, I have the download issue fixed now
Moisture Vaporator Glyph by Fi Skirata on August 25th, 2013
Downloads [Download Moisture Vaporator Glyph]


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