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Downloads [Download North Nostralund Checkpoint]
File Name: North Nostralund Checkpoint (1.70 MB) Download
Author: Eclipse (Uploaded by Eclipse)
Date Added: September 28th, 2008
Downloads: 435
Grade: A+
In order to ensure the safety of the Wellspring of Laga, Jandar constructed a great fortress along the western border with Laur. Nestled between the harsh frozen peaks of the Nostralund mountains, it stands as Nostralund's last line of defense against Utgar's monsterous hordes.

Despite nearly losing the castle to a volcanic eruption , the forces of Jandar have managed to reclaim the barricade and withstand Utgar's forces. A new threat, however, has begun to emerge from the formerly barren fields to the west. The ground has become increasingly damp and the water murky and thick. Where once little more than the tattered remains of enemy camps stood, a great jungle has grown, nearly overnight. While the soggy ground threatens the stability of the walls, the true danger lurks beyond the increasingly dense canopy.


STANDARD BATTLES (2-4 Players): In a standard battle scenario, players should choose a starting zone diagonal to each other with doors initially open. As additional players are added, these players should start with the doors near their start zone closed.

RACE FOR CONTROL (2 Players): In this scenario, Player 1 uses the Green starting zone and Player 2 uses the red starting zone. The doors in front of these starting zones should initially be in the closed position, while the far doors begin open.

CHECKPOINT SIEGE (2-5 Players): Player1 places figures anywhere within the ground floor level of the castle. Additional players used the normal colored start zones. All 4 doors are initially set to the closed position. Players 2-5 are initially considered friendly to one another until any one attacks another or Player 1 is defeated. The last Player standing wins.

CAPTURE THE FLAG (2-4 Players): In this scenario, a player may declare victory by having a figure in each of the four towers with flags at the same time.

Minimum Requirements: 1 RotV, 1 SotM, 4 FotA, 2 RttFF, 1 TJ
Size - 18x29 hexes


The following Scenarios connect to the North Nostralund Checkpoint to expand into a battle of epic proportions!

Zudeth Lookout
Wellspring of Laga
Scorian Peak
Laurian Thicket
North Nostralund Checkpoint by Eclipse on September 28th, 2008
Downloads [Download North Nostralund Checkpoint]

January 24th, 2010 at 02:38 AM
The build requirements for this map are not correct. You need at least 6 castles and 5 forests to make this map. May be other sets that are off, but those two are obvious due to some of the specialty tiles that are required. To bad, this map looked really cool.

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