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File Name: Tournament Director (254.0 KB) Download
Author: Sisyphus (Uploaded by lefton4ya)
Date Added: June 27th, 2010
Downloads: 663
Grade: A+
Tournament Director was created by Sisyphus to use at tournaments keep track of standings including W/L, SOS, and Points and to generate Swiss match-ups.

Original website description:

Tournament Director is a program that simplifies the record keeping and match assignment of a Heroscape tournament. The purpose of this program was to provide a Heroscape tournament organizer the ability to quickly and fairly assign matchups between Heroscape players in tournament. This program takes into account previous matchups, maps played on, and current tournament rank in a swiss style scoring system.
  • Tournament Director now supports single-elimination rounds and tournaments. TD will organize Swiss-style rounds like before but if desired can also setup any number of elimination-rounds to produce a champion.
  • Now you can customize how TD ranks players.
  • Various minor improvements.
  • Tournament Director now saves tournament files in an xml format. If you wish to develop your own applications using tournament data and know how to parse xml files(there should be easy to use libraries in any language) you can. Want to make a program to generate prettily formatted match results? Want to calculate statistics based on a group of tournaments? You can.
Tournament Director by lefton4ya on July 30th, 2010
Downloads [Download Tournament Director]

April 5th, 2012 at 05:23 PM
See his new website for Tournament Director at [URL="http://joshuagraffman.com/HSTournamentDirector.aspx"]http://joshuagraffman.com/HSTournamentDirector.aspx[/URL]

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