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Downloads [Download Hextreme Heroscape Spreadsheet v11]
File Name: Hextreme Heroscape Spreadsheet v11 (1.48 MB) Download
Author: Bixby, LeftOn4ya (Uploaded by IshMEL)
Date Added: September 9th, 2011
Downloads: 1223
Grade: A+
Hextreme Heroscape Spreadsheet

Originally Posted by lefton4ya View Post
Hextreme Heroscape Spreadsheet - Now with Collection Calculator!

This is build upon Bixby's Hextreme HeroScape Spreadsheet but it has been almost completely revamped and Bixby has given me the OK to pick up the torch and I plan on keeping it updated. This spreadsheet has been created as a tool for the board game HeroScape. The spreadsheet has a number of tabs and features that any HeroScape player will find useful. The ideas and content on this sheet come from a variety of sources and much credit goes to the members of the fan site www.heroscapers.com Their creativity and constant exploration of the game system has been the inspiration for this spreadsheet.

Start by filling in "Collection"variables, and if you bought/sold individual figures or terrain, modify variables in "Collection(2)" by overwriting equations with your numbers. The bottom of "Collection" has a summary of your collection in size & price based off these variables. You do not need to fill in collection to use tools of unit details, army creator & list builder.

It should be noted that the only cells you can enter values in are all shaded yellow and have a cell border highlighting them. The spreadsheet is "Protected" which means you cannot accidentally change anything unless you unprotect the sheet (no password required). It has been tested on Excel 2003 & 2010 in windows, but let me know how it is on other platforms (Office 97/2000/XP/2007, Office 98/2001/X/2004/2008/2011 for Mac, Apple iWork Numbers, OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Corel Quattro, etc.

Current Version:
11 (1.46 MB)

Releases Download link and release date:
Products Included in the Spreadsheet:
All official HeroScape Product is included, including all master sets and large releases, Waves 1-D13, and promotional releases up to Samuel Brown.

Need Updating & Future Ideas:
  • Update: Ongoing Auggie's & eBay prices, Product Barcode # for Wave9+
  • Add: eBay prices for terrain and miscellaneous items
  • Add: Weights for sets, terrain, & figures (good for estimating shipping)
  • Add: Special Powers By Type, CUC modifications, C3V & SoV or other customs

  • Bixby for the original version up to 9.
  • Nomad for updating info on figures for wave 9-D13 and updating power rankings.
  • Auggie's Buy and Sell Site for prices*
  • eBay for rasing the prices to what the most obsessive collector will pay*

* NOTE on Prices:
Prices on Auggie's buy and sell site were manually taken from me (maybe he can give me an electronic output) so has a couple of caveats. First, he has so much of a few items (namely Marvel & fortress items and markers and dice) that he is not buying them and therefore does not list prices on his buy site. Next, he does not always have the rare items in stock, so I went online about once a week over the last month to see what I could find, but some items have missing prices because he never had them in stock when I looked. For these items, I took the buy prices and added 25%, which seems to be Auggust's goal when prices teeter out. Items I could could not find prices for are in dark red on the roster and product sheet, so if you made a purchase from him recently with items I do not have prices, let me know.

eBay prices were even trickier as there are many bulk lots as well as some auctions and some buy it now, and many items were listed very few and far between. Again, I went on about weekly for the last month and I tried to pick the MEDIAN auction price, which is usually less than BUY IT NOW, but sometimes I arbitrarily set the prices based on my feeling of the market equilibrium. You could find sometimes find deals for lot less or auctions that went more than twice the price, but using the median/equilibrium meant half the sales were more and half were less. I did not bother getting prices for terrain and miscellaneous items such as glyphs and dice, as these are usually sold in bulk on eBay and if they are sold individually are usually either overpriced or sold cheaply but with high shipping to compensate, so for nowI just averaged the Auggie's buy and sell prices; feel free to send me any prices you feel are appropriate. Items I could could not find prices for are in dark red on the roster and product sheet, so if you disagree on my arbitrary pricing, let me know and I will adjust.

Major Features...

Collection Tab: UPDATED!
In the top half, you can indicate the quantity of each set you own and wish to own in the yellow column provided. It will calculate what you need to complete your collection. In the bottom half, a collection summary analysis is provided, including how many units and hexes you have and, how much it costs to compete your collection, and how much your collection is worth, based on MSRP, Auggie's, and eBay. This can be expanded in future releases based on suggestions and feedback.

Collection (2) Tab: NEW!
In the top half, you can indicate the quantity of each unit you own and wish to own in the yellow column provided. By default, it is populated from the Collection tab set list, but you may tweak it based on individual figures purchased or sold. It will calculate what you need to complete your collection, including the price to complete or sell your collection based on MSRP, Auggie's, and eBay. The bottom half is the same for terrain and other miscellaneous items. This can be expanded in future releases based on suggestions and feedback.

Roster Tab: UPDATED!
This tab references the Collection & Collection(2) tabs to find out what you inicated you own. The roster tab contains all of the information about all of the units in the game. This includes all of the officially released information and some great add-on information from the www.heroscapers.com discussion forums, such as Links to all of the Books of HeroScape and Power Rankings. The Auggie's & eBay Figure prices are on this tab as well*. The Power rankings have been updated to correspond with what has been published on Heroscapers as of July, 2011.

Unit Details Tab:
This part of the spreadsheet is used to examine a unit in detail. All information available for each unit is presented on one screen, as an electronic "Unit Card". This includes everything on an official card, plus the Bio, official errata, and a few other odds & ends.

List Builder Tab:
This section of the spreadsheet pulls data from the roster tab and gives you the ability to look at subsets of units by a selection of filter criteria. Unlike most spreadsheets that use filters, this one only has one filter. YES unit meets my selection criteria, or no it does not. Instructions for using the filters are located on the tab. Give it a spin.

Army Creator Tab:
This section lets you specify a draft amount and then select units for your army. The stats section at the bottom will give you an indication of your army composition as it pertains to movement, attack ratings, defense ratings, etc. The army creator will also alert you to the size of starting zone required to field your army. There are a couple of graphs that analyze your selection by faction.
This page has been formatted to print on a single 11 x 8.5 page for easy use and reference.

Stats Tab:
This part of the spreadsheet contains some very basic statistics about the composition of units released by Hasbro. You can see at a glance the distribution of units over the various factions, species, personalities, worlds, etc.

Graphs Tab:
This is a visual representation of some of the information from stats tab.

M/A/MA Rules Tab:
Bixby's gaming group has come up with these rules for epic games and large maps. These rules may not be for everyone, but they have been a staple of our games for over three years. If you like playing with larger groups on larger maps, give this a look.

Red Colored Tabs:
These sheets contain the control information for the sheet. This drives the validation lists, pull down menus, lookup tables etc.

Product Tab: UPDATED!
This tab references the Collection & Collection(2) tabs to find out what you inicated you own. The product tab contains all of the information about all of the sets released in the game. This includes release date, MSRP, barcodes, and a list off all terrain, markers and miscellaneous items in each set. The bottom rows have totals for each item type and lists Auggie's Buy and Sell and eBay prices*.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Please feel free to post your comments and suggestions in this thread.
David Lefton4ya
Downloads [Download Hextreme Heroscape Spreadsheet v11]

September 12th, 2011 at 11:28 AM
Excelent. I have made some of the same upgrades to my last Bixby sheet, but I never took the time to put the prices in there, nice work. Have you thought about putting a tab in for Glyphs? I did and its makes this a one-stop shop for all heroscape informaiton.

Great job and thank you for the time investment you put into this. I know how long it takes to update all of this information, adjust all of the ranges, and all of the little things that normally get missed in Excel. BTW, works great in Excel 2000.

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