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File Name: Fountain of Yothgun (2.20 MB) Download
Author: naps420 (Uploaded by naps420)
Date Added: April 18th, 2008
Downloads: 513
Grade: A+
Map Requirements: 4 RotV, 6 RttFF, 3 FotA, 1 Glyph of Lodin.
Number Of Players: 6
Scenario Background: Deep within the heart of the Forgotten Forest lies the Fountain of Yothgun. The fountain is surrounded by beautifully designed towers and an ancient walkway leading all the way around the base, the roadways splits off in six different directions leading outward into the forest. The roads seem to have never been completed and perhaps the reason the fountain has been lost for so long. Ancient text talks about how the fountain is one of many magical locations in the area and that this one is said to revive those who have fallen on the battlefield, even those of your enemies. Now that the fountain has been discovered, everyone wants to control the fountain and 6 armies close in on taking control of it.
Draft Rules: Each player starts with 500 Points to draft their army.
Set Up Rules: The glyphs of Astrid, Gerda, Ivor, Valda, Dragmar, and Lodin are randomly placed onto the 6 Unknown Glyph locations on the map before play starts.
Special Rules: The Fountain of Yothgun can revive a single destroyed figure, a destroyed army, or even another player's destroyed armies. The Glyph of Brandar is the activation point for the fountain. Once a figure has landed on the glyph, that player may role a d20. If a hero/squad is revived, the player places the hero/squad onto any water tile. If the player decides not to roll, the player is forced to place that figure into an water space and it is now the end of the turn. If there are no dead heroes/squads, no figure may move onto the glyph.
  • 1-8 - Nothing happens. The figure is forced to any unoccupied water space of that players choice and it is now the end of the turn.
  • 9-17 - Player may bring back any one destroyed squad unit that player controlled. (Army card must still be in play)
  • 18-19 - Player may bring back a whole destroyed squad/hero that player controlled.
  • 20 - Player may bring back any destroyed army card regardless of who controlled it. That player now has control of the card.
Victory Conditions: The last player standing wins the scenario.

Note- I have lowered the drafting rules a bit after getting some feedback that 750 point battles took too long. I enjoy them personally, and the one time I actually played this scenario, we all enjoyed the lengthy game (Without setup, we played close to 3 hours). I've been told of games longer, and lesser, but for the sake of keeping things quick, the drafting rules were lowered to 500. Feel free to alter this, or any other rule. As always, any feedback/suggestions are always welcome. Enjoy!
Fountain of Yothgun by naps420 on April 18th, 2008
Downloads [Download Fountain of Yothgun]

Soul Shackle
April 18th, 2008 at 05:02 PM
Nice scenario, naps. I likey.
January 22nd, 2009 at 01:04 AM
Nice scenario and map. Permission to use. LOL

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