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Downloads [Download Ice Cavern]
File Name: Ice Cavern (1.05 MB) Download
Author: naps420 (Uploaded by naps420)
Date Added: April 18th, 2008
Downloads: 516
Grade: Not Rated
Map Requirements: 4 RotV, 2 RttFF, 2 FotA, and 2 TT.
Players: 2-3

Scenario Rules

Free for All (2 Player Game, 1 vs. 1) - Each player, one blue and the other red, drafts 500 point armies. Last player standing wins the scenario. Do not use the glyphs for this scenario.

Attack on The Old Ruins (3 Player Game, 2 vs. 1) - Player Blue and Red are on a team, they each draft 750 Point armies and may only draft 250 points worth of flying or stealth flying units. Yellow is on his own and drafts a 1,000 Point army. Only use the glyph of brandar that is placed inside the ruins. Yellow is to defend the ruins at all cost. Yellow wins if he is able to keep the glyph safe till the end of round 15 or by defeating both the Red and Blue armies. Red and Blue wins if they defeat the Yellow army or by taking control of the glyph. The glyph can only be controlled by a hero. Once a Hero is placed onto the glyph, that player rolls a 20-sided die, if the roll is 1-17, nothing happens. If the player rolls a 18-20, he takes control of the glyph and wins.

Battle for The Ice Orb (2 Player Game, 1 vs. 1) - Each player, One Blue and the other Red, drafts 1,000 point armies. Place both glyphs of Brandar on the board. The snow and ice starts off and acts as though it was lava, for the extreme coldness coming from the cavern, treat fliers flying over snow/ice as though they are walking on the terrain. The glyph in the ruins on the top of the cliff is a special device that is making the winds coming out of the cavern extremely cold and must be turned off. The glyph inside the ice cavern is an ice orb, that each player is after. The player may win by either defeating the other player, or by landing on the glyph of brandar inside the ice cavern and hold it till the end of the round.
Ice Cavern by naps420 on April 18th, 2008
Downloads [Download Ice Cavern]


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