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Downloads [Download Fridged River]
File Name: Fridged River (9.5 KB) Download
Author: naps420 (Uploaded by naps420)
Date Added: April 16th, 2008
Downloads: 228
Grade: Not Rated
Requires: 2 RotV and 1 TT.

Drafting: 500 Point Armies

Special Rules:
Thin Ice - Any figure that is Large/Huge must stop on the ice as though it were water. That player must then roll a d20. On a roll of 1-8, the figure falls through the ice. Remove any Order Markers on that figure's Army Card. On a roll of 9-20, nothing happens.

Victory Conditions: Last player standing wins.
Fridged River by naps420 on April 16th, 2008
Downloads [Download Fridged River]


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