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Downloads [Download Ruins of Kal-Turot]
File Name: Ruins of Kal-Turot (17.3 KB) Download
Author: naps420 (Uploaded by naps420)
Date Added: April 16th, 2008
Downloads: 351
Grade: Not Rated
Requires: 2 RotV, 2 RttFF, 1 FotA. Also uses the Glyphs of Lodin and Sturla.
Players: 2-4

Drafting: (1 vs. 1)
Red and Blue both start with a 30 hex starting zone.
Both players start with a 1,000 point army.

Drafting: (2 vs. 2)
Red and Blue both start with a 30 hex starting zone.
All players start with a 600 point army.

Special Rules:
If a figure is standing adjacent to a tree or ruin and is targeted by a normal ranged attack, he adds a +1 to his defense dice rolled. This modifier does not stack if adjacent to two trees or a tree and a ruin.

Optional Rules:
1 vs. 1 Game. Player's may draft an additional 500 points worth of reinforcements. At the start of Round 5, before Order Markers are placed, the players may roll a d20. If they roll an 18-20, their reinforcements are placed anywhere on their own starting zone. Every round there after, if the player was unable to bring in their reinforcements, he may roll again. Every 2 Rounds, the chances get better by 2 (Round 7: 16-20, Round 9: 14-20, ect..) The player must still have army cards in play in order to continue to roll for reinforcements.

Victory Conditions:
Last player standing wins.
Ruins of Kal-Turot by naps420 on April 16th, 2008
Downloads [Download Ruins of Kal-Turot]


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