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Downloads [Download Bleakwoode Swamp]
File Name: Bleakwoode Swamp (36.3 KB) Download
Author: naps420 (Uploaded by naps420)
Date Added: April 15th, 2008
Downloads: 373
Grade: Not Rated
Map Requirements: 4 RotV, 4 SotM, 4 RttFF, and 4 FotA and 2 Sets of Shades of Bleakwoode.
Number of Players: 2

Ruins of Bleakwoode Castle

Set-up - Player 1 (Red) and Player 2 (Red) draft 750 point armies and place their figures on the proper starting zones. The Shades of Bleakwoode may not be selected to draft during this scenario. Place the Glyph of Brandar onto the map as shown.
Special Rules - The glyph of brandar is an evil alter that can be used to summon the Shades of Bleakwoode to help fight for a player's army. The Evil Alter may only be activated by a Unique Hero, once the hero is placed onto the glyph, the hero is destroyed and the 6 Shades of Bleakwoode are placed onto the Yellow starting zones (graves). At the start of the next round, the player who sacrificed his/her hero takes control of the shades.
Winning Conditions - This game is a battle to the death, so the last player standing wins this scenario.
Bleakwoode Swamp by naps420 on April 15th, 2008
Downloads [Download Bleakwoode Swamp]

Soul Shackle
May 9th, 2008 at 03:52 PM

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