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File Name: Laurian Thicket (545.5 KB) Download
Author: Eclipse (Uploaded by Eclipse)
Date Added: October 6th, 2008
Downloads: 494
Grade: Not Rated
The land west of the checkpoint is nearly unrecognizable these days. The land, once barren and dotted with the abandoned camps of failed invasions, has became damp and marshy. The water that once flowed pure from the Wellspring is now tainted, murky and dark. The soil, once cracked and broken, has become overrun with trees and brush, creating a dense jungle that obscures the once prosperous roadway.

The unnatural change poses a great threat to Jandar's fortress. The boggy soil undermines the castle walls, threatening to collapse the barrier into the mire. Knowing full well the forces of Utgar are responsible for the change in the terrain, Jandar sends his forces to confront the monsters of the thicket. What they find, however, may far more terrifying than anyone imagined!


MARRO MOTHER HIVE - The collection of Marro Hives in the center of the map can be utilized a number of ways. In a standard battle, each Hive can be treated as a single Life point for the Marro Hive card and all 6 may be treated as individual Common Heroes. When played in this manner, remove each Hive from the battlefield when destroyed.

EXTERMINATION (2-3 players) - In this scenario Player 1 controls 6 Marro Hives. Track each Hive as it's own Unique Hero for Life and Wound Markers, but as Common Heroes for the purpose of Order Markers. When activating an Order Marker on any Marro Hive Army Card, you make take a turn with any other remaining Marro Hive, even if the initial Hive has already been destroyed. Player 2 and optionally Player 3 achieve Victory by destroying all 6 Marro Hives. Player 2 and Player 3 may split the Rock spaces to use as starting zones. Player 1 may place their units in either the Red or Yellow starting zones initially.

Minimum Requirements: 6 SotM, 7 TJ
Size - 17x34 hexes


Connect to the North Nostralund Checkpoint to expand into a battle of epic proportions!
Laurian Thicket by Eclipse on October 6th, 2008
Downloads [Download Laurian Thicket]


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