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Downloads [Download Jandar's Battle Arena]
File Name: Jandar's Battle Arena (1.19 MB) Download
Author: peteparkerh (Uploaded by peteparkerh)
Date Added: September 13th, 2008
Downloads: 728
Grade: Not Rated
The Jandar Battle Arena
Jandar has created the ultimate battle arena, where heroes come to practice there skills before an energetic audience.

Each player picks a 400 pt all Unique Hero army (Marvel is allowed, max 7 spaces). Each player starts his army on the asphalt tiles in the middle of the arena. Battle commences until one player is completely destroyed.

3 ROTV, 2 RTTFF, Marvel, 2 FOTA, and 1 VW (optional).

Alternate Rules:
King of the Hill: Multiple players pick 400 pt armies. 2 players play at a time with the winner always staying in the arena. Whoever has the largest number of wins, wins the King of the Hill.
Open Warfare (3 players): Two players battle normally, but can go anywhere in the arena. The third player sets up a "Police Force" on the bleachers of the arena. The 3rd player puts order markers on like normal, but does not move unless either player leaves the arena. At this point "Police Force" can engage as long as they are out of the arena.
Battle at the Arena: Remove both doors. Each army chooses 500 pts and takes turns placing one piece at a time anywhere in the arena. Oposing pieces cannot be engaged with the enemy when placed. Play normally until one force is eliminated.
Jandar's Battle Arena by peteparkerh on September 13th, 2008
Jandar's Battle Arena by peteparkerh on September 13th, 2008
Jandar's Battle Arena by peteparkerh on September 13th, 2008
Downloads [Download Jandar's Battle Arena]


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