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Downloads [Download Scorian Peak]
File Name: Scorian Peak (812.5 KB) Download
Author: Eclipse (Uploaded by Eclipse)
Date Added: October 2nd, 2008
Downloads: 409
Grade: Not Rated
In the years since the initial erruption that left the checkpoint abandoned, it's become quite clear the magma from the mountain now known as Scorian Peak is not a natural geological event. For years now, lava has continued to flow from the summit, pouring down into the valley below. The heat of this molten stream has proved so intense, the southern landscape has completely melted, flooding the valley into what appears to be a small lake. Even more mysterious is the lava's source, which pours endlessly despite the fact the interior is completely hollow; emptied out years ago to serve as a store room in the castle. This store room has become a weakpoint, as the back walls were completely destroyed, making Scorian Peak an alternate, if treacherous means of entering the castle unhindered.


TREASURES OF THE VAULT - Place the Glyph of Brandar in one of the spaces beyond the door. In this scenario, when a Unique Hero lands on the Glyph of Brandar, it is immediately placed on their Army Card. If that Hero is destroyed, the Glyph is immediately placed on the space they occupied prior to being destroyed. The first player to retreive the Glyph and return it to their start zone is the winner.

DAMSEL IN DISTRESS - Add a 5 segment ladder to the top most Molten Lava tile at the peak of the mountain. Place two single hex tiles behind this ladder to keep it grounded. At the top of this ladder, place Kyntela Gwyn. Player 1 may place their units in either start zone. Player 2 may place their units anywhere within the Rock or Lava tiles on the map. At the end of each round, move Kyntela Gwyn down one segment of the ladder. Player 1 wins by moving a figure into a space adjacent to Kyntela Gwyn. Player 2 wins if Kyntela Gwyn moves into the Molten Lava before Player 1 may rescue her.

Minimum Requirements: 2 RotV, 1 FotA, 1 TJ, 7 VW
Size - 20x21 hexes


Connect to the North Nostralund Checkpoint to expand into a battle of epic proportions!
Scorian Peak by Eclipse on October 2nd, 2008
Downloads [Download Scorian Peak]


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