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Downloads [Download Ice Spires of Golandrick]
File Name: Ice Spires of Golandrick (2.55 MB) Download
Author: Leaf_It (Uploaded by Leaf_It)
Date Added: April 9th, 2020
Downloads: 46
Grade: Not Rated
1 Rise of the Valkyrie
1 Thaelenk Tundra

"Why am I here?"

"I want to be here."

"Why do I want to be here?"

"I want to be here."

These feeling don't make sense. I know that I want to be here, but I have no idea why. And yet I know why, but I don't remember why. These glaciers, they draw me in. I'm not the only one. Others are here to. It seems everyone has the same story. A dream that's a little too fuzzy to properly recall. A vivid image in the back of your mind. You can see it for a second, and then it's gone. Not gone, just too far back in your subsconcious to remember. But you want to be here. You NEED to be here.

This place is like a magnet to you, and all the others following this same longing. You don't understand it. In front of you are countless spires of ice sticking up through the surface of the ground. You can't look too long or they draw you in. You'll end up staring for hours before you realize what your doing. You've seen others lost in their stare, as if in a trance. But you aren't done, there is more area to cover. You are here, but you are not yet at the source. You don't know what the source is, but you heard someone call it that. You instinctively knew that was the right way to refer to it. The source is at the center. You've always known that. You knew that, but you didn't know that. You question your own thoughts, but stop yourself. You've tried to question this before, and lost memories. You don't know how much. Maybe hours, maybe days... Why is this happening? You know, but you can't remember. You just hope you'll find answers when you get to the center... If you'll remember it...
Ice Spires of Golandrick by Leaf_It on April 9th, 2020
Downloads [Download Ice Spires of Golandrick]


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