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Downloads [Download Infernal Ruins]
File Name: Infernal Ruins (124.7 KB) Download
Author: Angear (Uploaded by Angear)
Date Added: October 14th, 2017
Downloads: 262
Grade: Not Rated
During ancient times, a mighty but malicious race of kyrie known as the Infernal controlled a towering stronghold on the northern tip of the Volcarren Wasteland. This wicked race of kyrie seemed to possess magical abilities, and some recent versions of the tale even infer that the Infernal had discovered a wellspring, long before the Battle for Valhalla had begun. Unfortunately, for the ancient kyrie race, the ground beneath their fortress erupted soon after their incredible abilities hit their peak potential. The resulting fire and flames wiped out the Infernal race and made the land uninhabitable for the centuries following. Could the wellspring have been the source of the eruption?

Map requirements: RoTV, VW, and one of either RttFF OR FoTA.

Note: Only the road tiles from the latter two sets listed are used. The build instructions are using the road tiles from the Road to the Forgotten Forest set, if you build this with FoTA simply replace the road tiles with wall walk tiles.
Infernal Ruins by Angear on October 14th, 2017
Downloads [Download Infernal Ruins]


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