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Downloads [Download Road of Wellsprings]
File Name: Road of Wellsprings (321.4 KB) Download
Author: Skylord163 (Uploaded by Skylord163)
Date Added: September 21st, 2016
Downloads: 234
Grade: Not Rated
Size: 28.85 inch x 21.70 inch
Uses: 1 Rise of the Valkyrie (ROTV), 1 Fortress of the Archkyrie (FOTA)
Tournament Glyphs: Two random glyphs

Nine Ways to Customize
This battlefield is designed to be fast to build, friendly to melee units, and easy to modify. Here are nine ways to customize the battlefield:

1.) Start Zone(s). Change the 24-space Start Zone(s).
  • Example #1: For a two-player game, have each player start at opposite ends of the road on the 24 non-road spaces nearest the edge of the battlefield. (Note: Glyphs will no longer be equi-distant to Start Zones.)
  • Example #2: For a four-player game, determine two 24-space Start Zones for use by players 3 and 4.
2.) More Glyphs. Use up to eight random glyphs on the battlefield, one in each water area. Consider access to each from Start Zones.

3.) Wall Placement. Move one or more of the six walls to change line-of-sight on the battlefield. Consider symmetry.

4.) Hills. From ROTV, place unused terrain--up to 20 pieces: Grass (1x7h, 1x3h, 1x2h, 8x1h), Rock (1x7h, 1x3h, 1x2h, 4x1h), and Sand (2x1h)--to heighten or extend existing hills. Consider symmetry.

5.) Pools. From ROTV, place up to 13 water pieces to create or enlarge water areas. Consider enclosures and symmetry.

6.) Broken Road. From ROTV, swap in unused terrain to remove portions of the road. This will change terrain counts for options #4, #5 and #7 on this list. Consider symmetry.

7.) Hill and Wall Fortifications. From FOTA, place available wall-caps (5), battlements (50), and ladders (22) to fortify hills and walls as defensive positions, towers, or sniper perches. Consider symmetry.

8.) Matching Glyphs of Brandar (2). For a tournament game, instead of placing two random glyphs on the battlefield, place the two Glyphs of Brandar from ROTV. Have the two Glyphs of Brandar duplicate the power of another Glyph.
  • Example #1: Players agree to give each Glyph of Brandar the power of a Glyph of Astrid. (Control of a Glyph of Astrid gives +2 Attack to all figures in the same army.)
  • Example #2: Rolling 1d20 and consulting a list of 20 Glyphs officially produced for classic Heroscape, a result of 8 generates Glyph of Valda. (Control of a Glyph of Valda adds +2 Move to all figures in the same army.)
9.) Place Wall. On this battlefield, Glyphs of Brandar provide the ability to Place Wall: If available, a Large Ruin, Small Ruin, or Seventh Wall appears on the battlefield. Placement is controlled by the Glyph's activating player but placement must follow normal map-building rules. The Wall will disappear from the battlefield when control of the activating Glyph is lost.
Road of Wellsprings by Skylord163 on November 21st, 2016
Downloads [Download Road of Wellsprings]


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