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File Name: Jotun Tripped... (145.2 KB) Download
Author: BiggaBullfrog (Uploaded by BiggaBullfrog)
Date Added: September 18th, 2016
Downloads: 107
Grade: Not Rated
Requires: 1 SotM, 1 BftU, 1 RttFF

Designed for 500-600 Point Armies.

Recommended Power Glyphs are Valda and Wannok. (Glyphs should be randomly placed symbol-side up, then flipped over after armies are placed.

Glyph of Brandar is a random Treasure Glyph.

Treasure Glyph Trap: "Whoops!"
On a roll of 1-5, the Hero trying to pick up the glyph trips. Roll 2 attack dice. The Hero takes one wound for each skull. If the Hero is Huge, one at a time, roll one attack die for each figure adjacent to it to see if it gets crushed. The figure takes one wound for each skull.
Jotun Tripped... by BiggaBullfrog on September 18th, 2016
Downloads [Download Jotun Tripped...]


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