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Downloads [Download Desecrated Mine - ARV Map]
File Name: Desecrated Mine - ARV Map (569.3 KB) Download
Author: Rˇchean (Uploaded by Rˇchean)
Date Added: September 13th, 2016
Downloads: 340
Grade: A

Only the fossilized remains of a once mighty Hive are left to mark Utgarís subterranean attack. The Hive was unleashed through a underground breach powering forth into the Draven Mines and Dungeons leaving behind only death and destruction. The attack left the mines unstable for any further excavation and compromised the dwarven stronghold leaving it in ruins.

Construction NOTES!!

Requires SotM, RttFF, and BftU
  • Place the actual hive on the map before constructing levels 3 and 4.
  • The 4 swamp water locations on level 1 that are NOT next to the Hive
    should be double stacked for map support

Standard tournament play
  • 400-600 pts, 24 hex starts zones.
  • Optional Treasure glyph locations marked with Glyph of Brandar.
  • Suggested Trap: Unstable mine - on a roll of 1-5, all figures on a road space roll for wound using combat die.
  • Random power glyphs locations on the edge of the map.

3 Player Scenario - Dark Hive Rises

One player plays the Hive on the map the other 2 players are on a team fighting against the Hive player.
  • The Hive player starts with 4 sets of Drones and 4 sets of Stingers. (You can mix and match but that is the recommended set up.)
  • All spaces adjacent to the Hive and Level 4 Dungeon tiles are valid start locations for the Hive player. There will be 6 figures in reserve, the Hive playerís choice
  • The Hive player can bring in reserve units through Marro Rebirth beyond what is allowed using initial set up.
  • When rolling defense for the Hive, add 1 die for each unit the Hive player controls that is adjacent to the Hive.
  • When rolling for Initiative, the Hive player adds 1 to the D20 roll for each unit they control that is adjacent to the Hive.
  • When Rolling the D20 for Marro Rebirth, the Hive player adds 1 to the D20 roll for each unit they control that is adjacent to the Hive.
  • At the end of each round the Hive player may roll for Marro Rebirth.

The other 2 players are on a Team and share up to 600 Pts of Units. However, start zones are not shared. The team players use the start zones for standard tournament play.

Victory Conditions
  • If either of the Team players are eliminated, the Hive player wins the game.
  • If the Hive player is not eliminated by the end of the 5th round, the game is over and the Hive player wins.

Downloads [Download Desecrated Mine - ARV Map]

September 13th, 2016 at 06:49 PM

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