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Downloads [Download VC Partial Points Scoring Sheet]
File Name: VC Partial Points Scoring Sheet (194.0 KB) Download
Author: Xotli (revision of work by hivelord, which was revision of work by boom, which was revision of work (Uploaded by Xotli)
Date Added: October 14th, 2015
Downloads: 197
Grade: Not Rated
Partial points scoresheeet for tournament play. Shows partial points (points remaining) for all squads and all heroes with more than 1 life. Look up unit (alphabetical by general), then find column with number of wounds or number of figures not on the board. For most tournaments, figures not on the board do not count towards point totals, even if not technically destroyed (e.g. undropped Airborne Elite, unsummoned Rechets of Bogdan, clinging Marro Gnids, Mok-riding dwarves). But check with your tournament director to be sure.

Updated through Wave 13 (D3) / Wave 21/Pack 1 (C3V8) / SoV Maltis Tez. Originated by Oogie da Bruce, updated for 2009 by boom, updated for 2010 by hivelord, updated for 2015 2018 (including all VC units to date) by Xotli.

Updated 10/12/16: Fixed bug in Aquilla units where Kansas Jake Slaughter was missing and every unit underneath that was off by one row. No new units.

Updated 10/27/18: Fixed all known bugs, distinguished the 2 Raelins ahd the 2 Drakes, added all VC units to date, including pack 1 of the latest C3V wave (the monks and Locksley).
VC Partial Points Scoring Sheet by Xotli on October 27th, 2018
Downloads [Download VC Partial Points Scoring Sheet]


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