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Downloads [Download SONG of the WALRUS (v5)]
File Name: SONG of the WALRUS (v5) (941.4 KB) Download
Author: Typhon2222 (Uploaded by Typhon2222)
Date Added: May 29th, 2014
Downloads: 388
Grade: Not Rated
SONG of the WALRUS (v5)

A map for tournament play; standard 24-hex start zones.

Uses: 1 SotM, 1 TT.

Glyphs: 2 of your choice.

Terrain: normal snow, normal ice.

Thanks go to Crixus33, Foudzing, Heroscaper2010, and awesomeunleashed for their generous feedback and suggestions for improvement, and above all, to dok -- this map is as much his as mine.

Downloads [Download SONG of the WALRUS (v5)]


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