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Downloads [Download Swarm On The Bayou]
File Name: Swarm On The Bayou (141.6 KB) Download
Author: tannergx (Uploaded by tannergx)
Date Added: May 8th, 2012
Downloads: 134
Grade: Not Rated
A map for two armies of 200-350 points or 400-600 points depending on start zones used.

Terrain Requirements:
1 x Swarm of the Marro
1 x Battle for the Underdark

Start Zones:
14 Hex, 16 Hex and 24 Hex start zones are outlined in the build instructions. The base 14 Hexes are outlined in green and blue for each
opponent. Expansions of 2 hexes to 16 hexes total are marked in purple. Further expansions of 8 hexes to 24 hexes total are marked in cyan.

Special Build Instructions:
Single space Rock Outcrops should be removed from bases, and tiles used as shadow tiles

Optional Power Glyphs:
Recommended set Power Glyphs are outlined in the build instructions, Wannock (Wound), and Gerda (Defense +1). All Power Glyphs should be
placed power side up at the start of the game prior to placing armies.

Optional Treasure Glyphs:
The unknown glyphs mark Treasure Glyph placements. Select from random pool. Treasure glyphs should be placed face down at the start of the game, and remain face down until activated.

Scenario Treasure Glyph Trap:
Sciophobia! - On a roll of 1-5, the figure attempting to pick up the Treasure Glyph is suddenly struck with a fear of the darkness around them. The Hero's turn ends immediately, and they may not attempt to pick up another treasure glyph until a turn is ended on a non-shadow space. No other abilities are affected.

This is version 2.08.
Swarm On The Bayou by tannergx on May 8th, 2012
Swarm On The Bayou by tannergx on May 8th, 2012
Swarm On The Bayou by tannergx on May 8th, 2012
Swarm On The Bayou by tannergx on May 8th, 2012
Downloads [Download Swarm On The Bayou]


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