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File Name: Mayberry (169.6 KB) Download
Author: Mad_wookiee (Uploaded by mad_wookiee)
Date Added: August 28th, 2011
Downloads: 495
Grade: Not Rated
The bones of the forgotten town rise from the wilderness, an apparition from another time. The wind whistles through the shells of decaying buildings, the only sound in an otherwise ominous silence. Dusty goods stare out at silent streets from their vantage points behind dirty windows. Whatever life once filled these streets seems to have vanished quickly, as though sudden tragedy forced hurried abandonment. Broken walkways frame streets that have begun to sink into the earth. Scattered across the town, you notice large areas of blackened earth and charred pavement, as though searing flames were allowed to burn unchecked the only immediate clue to the town's demise. Whatever power this town awoke still broods over it, a hidden malevolence watching from the shadows. The ruins, however, could also hide objects of power that might give you an advantage in this never-ending war.

You survey the landscape in silence. A vague sense of foreboding haunts you, along with a certainty that this place will not willingly relinquish its secrets...

Requires 2 Marvel:TCB and 2 RttFF.

Note: DO NOT use the upper level hex pieces in the Warehouse Ruins! Remove them before playing on this map.

Mayberry by mad_wookiee on August 28th, 2011
Mayberry by mad_wookiee on August 28th, 2011
Downloads [Download Mayberry]


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