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Downloads [Download Remains of Clionesia]
File Name: Remains of Clionesia (111.6 KB) Download
Author: tannergx (Uploaded by tannergx)
Date Added: May 14th, 2011
Downloads: 1292
Grade: A
A map for two armies of 400-600 points.

Terrain Requirements:
1 x Rise of the Valkyrie
1 x Fortress of the Archkyrie

Optional Power Glyphs: Recommended Power Glyphs are outlined in the build instructions, Rannveig (Wind) and Valda (Move +1). Both
glyphs should be shuffled and placed power side down at the start of the game prior to placing armies. After both armies are placed, but before order markers are set, turn both power glyphs power side up.

Optional Treasure Glyphs: The unknown glyphs mark Treasure Glyph placements. Select from random pool. Treasure glyphs should be placed face down at the start of the game, and remain face down until activated.

Scenario Treasure Glyph Trap:
Falling Walls! - All that remains of the Great Library of Clionesia are crumbling ruins. On a roll of 2-5, the figure attempting to pick up the Treasure Glyph is struck by debris falling from the nearby ruin. Your opponent must roll 2 combat dice for debris damage, which may be defended by the affected Hero. For each unblocked attack, the Hero receives 1 wound.

On a roll of 1, the nearby ruin collapses under its own weight into a pile of rubble. Your opponent rolls for debris damage affecting the Hero that attempted to pick-up the Treasure Glyph as outlined above. In addition, all figures adjacent to the nearest RotV ruin are struck by falling wall sections with no opportunity to react. One at a time, your opponent must roll 1 attack die for each figure impacted, including opposing figures, friendly figures, and the figure that attempted to pick-up the Treasure Glyph (should it also be adjacent to the ruin and have survived the initial debris attacks). For each skull rolled, the affected figure receives 1 wound. Once all falling wall attacks are completed, remove the affected ruin from the battlefield.

This is version 3.03
Remains of Clionesia by tannergx on November 24th, 2012
Remains of Clionesia by tannergx on November 24th, 2012
Downloads [Download Remains of Clionesia]


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