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Downloads [Download Heroes Day Parade]
File Name: Heroes Day Parade (383.5 KB) Download
Author: AliasQTip (Uploaded by AliasQTip)
Date Added: March 13th, 2011
Downloads: 327
Grade: A+
Onlookers gather for the annual Heroes Day Parade in honor of the super-heroes that watch over and protect our fair city from evil. As the parade of colorful characters march down this stretch of city street, a sinister plot is brewing nearby one that will surely get the attention of our heroes.

Required Set: Marvel: The Conflict Begins Master Set.
Footprint: 25" x 18"

MASTER GAME Mob Madness (2 Players)
An unexpected fight breaks out among the colorfully costumed participants of the annual Heroes Day Parade. Soon whole throngs of revelers begin to battle. The cause of this sudden madness remains a mystery.

MASTER GAME Crowd Control (2 Players)
Three of our heroes arrive on the scene of the massive urban riot. Will they be able to subdue the crowd before being overcome by the ravenous mob? And, will our heroes be able to discover the source of the confusion?

MASTER GAME Mind Exchanger (2 Players)
Reinforcements arrive and the last of the riotous revelers are cleared out of the street. With the crowd thus dispersed, a mysterious object is now visible, sitting in the middle of the roadway. Emanating from the device is a mind-numbing multi-frequency sound. Are the creators of this strange device still hiding nearby? And, more importantly, can they be stopped?

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Heroes Day Parade by AliasQTip on March 13th, 2011
Downloads [Download Heroes Day Parade]


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