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Downloads [Download Watery Deep]
File Name: Watery Deep (648.9 KB) Download
Author: AliasQTip (Uploaded by AliasQTip)
Date Added: September 14th, 2010
Downloads: 454
Grade: A+
In this recently discovered chamber, deep within the Underdark, dripping acidic water has eroded the soft bedrock below forming watery pools – the bottoms of which have not yet been found.

Required Sets: Battle for the Underdar Master Set
Footprint: 24" x 22"

File Contains TWO scenarios!

MASTER GAME – The Madness (2 players)
Immediately upon entering, two teams of surveyors began carefully mapping out this remarkable room with its deep water pools. A strong acrid smell hung in the air and no one could identify it for certain. Suddenly a painful scream echoed through the cavern! One of the surveyors, his eyes bloodshot and breathing heavily, had, without provocation, attacked his fellowman. What followed could only be described as “madness.”

MASTER GAME – Lurking in the Depths (2 players)
An unexpected explosion sends rock and debris flying through the air revealing a large new opening in the northern wall of the chamber. While the ground is yet trembling, in rushes a small battalion of enemy troops weapons blazing. One of them moves to a tactical position next to a small rock outcrop and takes aim for his next shot. Without warning a large pale-green tentacle reaches out of the water, wraps itself around his leg, and drags him into the depths below. Something has been awakened.

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Watery Deep by AliasQTip on September 14th, 2010
Downloads [Download Watery Deep]

September 14th, 2010 at 01:42 PM
This is the first map file I've created using my new "Almost Official" format. I want to give special thanks to [B]Lamaclown[/B] for creating the "Exclusive" font-type. I hope you enjoy the new layout.

NOTE: If you want to go cheap on ink and not print out the Deep Water Tiles. Just print out my [URL="http://www.heroscapers.com/community/downloads.php?do=file&id=1379"]Blank Hexes[/URL] onto a piece of navy-blue construction paper.

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