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File Name: Esenwein Castle (1.24 MB) Download
Author: AliasQTip (Uploaded by AliasQTip)
Date Added: July 6th, 2010
Downloads: 1207
Grade: A+
Near the heart of Lower Bleakwoode not far from the sharp cliffs of the Soulrazor Canyon is Castle Esenwein. The castle was originally an old Abbey and its adjoining graveyard, but has since been renovated and refortified. Shadowed in constant gloom by the tall and twisted surrounding trees, Castle Esenwein proves to be the perfect haunt for all manner of foul creatures.

Required Sets: Rise of the Valkyrie Master Set, Road to the Forgotten Forrest, Fortress of the Archkyrie, and Zombies of Morindan x2.
Footprint: 39" x 28"

File includes 3 scenarios,
a stained glass window,
and a new card for the Fortress Door!

MASTER GAME - Unhallowed Ground (2 Players)
“This place is cursed!” said the captain of the army in an overtly dramatic way. As if to confirm his observation, the howling wind suddenly squealed an unnerving shrill – putting everyone in the group on edge. He continued, “Legend has it that when Lord Esenwein was summoned to Valhalla and took up residence in the old abbey, he brought along a scroll of spells from the land of Morindan. The Necromancy Scroll, as it is called, is believed to have the power to bring the dead back to life as mindless…” The captain’s words were cut short as the ground nearby swelled and burst open. Pale-grey, decaying limbs appeared from the fissure and started to claw their way to the surface. “ZOMBIES!”

MASTER GAME - A Light through Yonder Window Breaks (3 Players)
Two bands of warriors stealthily approach the darkened edifice of Esenwein Castle, hoping to catch the occupants unaware. Their goal: Find and destroy the legendary Necromancy Scroll, the source of the deadly curse that has thrown the region into peril. The setting sun sinks below the horizon and a low creeping fog quickly settles in. Without warning, a loud voice echoes forth from deep within the castle’s walls, “Eck tel le sendar, ret kal len condaaaaar!” and an unearthly glow fills the old Abbey. The ground begins to tremble. To be sure, something wicked this way comes.

MASTER GAME - Behead the Undead (2 or 3 Players)
Test the mettle of your chosen warriors by fighting in this frightening zombie outbreak!

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Esenwein Castle by AliasQTip on July 6th, 2010
Esenwein Castle by AliasQTip on July 6th, 2010
Downloads [Download Esenwein Castle]


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