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Elf Army Battle Report

Posted November 18th, 2008 at 06:49 AM by NamibianScaper
Same map as previous report.

Me :
Warriors of Ashra x 3 150
Ulginesh* 150
Morsbane 100
Acolarh 110
Emirroon 80
Kyntela Gwyn 20
Theracus 40

This was the entire Elf Army as it stood in October, minus Syvarris and Sonlen to keep the points under control. We did not release the really offensive Elves until November (reports forthcoming).

Wife :
Sudema 140
Major Q10 150
Sentinels of Jandar 110
Shiori* 60
Braxas 210

I didn't enter the game with any hope of winning. I just wanted to see how the Elves would fair taking double turns and moving around an interesting board. The game turned out to be one of our very best and favorites of all.

I rolled a 20 to go first, and immediately moved Emirroon up on the well-spring cliffs with Theracus. He got the move +2 boost from Acolarh. Wife moved Sentinels of Jandar toward...

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